South Korean star Goo Hye Sun accuses actor husband of ‘frequent and intimate calls with other women’

Goo’s lawyers say she has “no desire to divorce” Ahn.
Instagram/ @kookoo900, @ahnjaehyun00

South Korean actress Goo Hye Sun has accused her husband, actor Ahn Jae Hyun, of making “frequent and intimate calls with other women” while drunk.

The 34-year-old star’s lawyers said in an August 20 statement that she had been stressed by Ahn’s “lack of interest in their marriage” and “betrayal of her trust”, Korean entertainment site Soompi reported.

The translated statement published by Soompi also claims that Goo has “no desire to divorce” Ahn, 32.

It added that the couple had discussed but “never fully agreed to divorce”. “A draft of the divorce agreement has gone back and forth between the two, but the document has never been signed and sealed,” the statement said.

This development comes after Goo published on August 18 screenshots of a text conversation between her and Ahn in which they appear to discuss divorce proceedings.

In the post, which has since been removed, Goo reportedly said her mother’s health had deteriorated after hearing about her possible impending divorce, AllKPop reported.

The actress’ agency, HB Entertainment, later released a statement stating that the couple had agreed to a divorce, but Goo refuted this claim, Korea Herald reported. According to a translation by AllKPop, Goo said HB Entertainment – which also represents Ahn – had not discussed the statement with her. “I want to keep my family,” she reportedly added.

Goo’s legal representatives said in their latest statement that the actress will be seeking a termination of her contract with HB as she “is no longer able to trust her agency, who one-sidedly managed their artist’s private life”, Soompi reported.

Goo shot to fame in 2009 after starring in Boys Over Flowers – the South Korean remake of Taiwan’s Meteor Garden – with Lee Min Ho.

She later starred alongside Ahn in a drama series called Blood in 2015. A year later, they announced they were dating, and by May 2016, the couple had registered their marriage.

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