SP Telecom and Nokia team up to bring Singapore’s first 5G fixed network by 2020

Nokia’s FP4-based service router, optical transport and cloud software solutions, among its other applications and technologies, will be integrated into SP Telecom’s current infrastructure

Singapore is consistently one of the world’s best places to connect to the internet, and if all goes well, the experience will soon get even better.

To make 5G a reality, SP Telecom is collaborating with Finnish telecommunications company Nokia to introduce the nation’s first 5G-ready software defined network (SDN).

In a statement released on Monday (June 17), SP Telecom – a joint venture company of ST Engineering and SP Group – said the partnership will enable faster go-to-market solutions for 5G deployment in the country.

The company added that Nokia’s FP4-based service router, optical transport and cloud software solutions, service automation and network orchestration application suite will be integrated into its current infrastructure.

The result: a 5G-ready network to support customers delivering critical communications services.

The data fibre network, which is slated to be ready by 2020, will allow both fixed and 5G carriers to deploy cloud-based virtual private networks (VPN) and 5G offerings for their government and enterprise customers.

5G carriers will be able to use SP Telecom’s “pervasive hubs” island-wide as locations for 5G base stations, enabling computing and analysis “at the edge of the network” and delivering improved latency and network performance for end users, the company said.

SP Telecom added that its existing infrastructure will also serve as a “highly resilient” alternative fibre network that provides network diversity, using unique fibre pathways that combine leased SP Group infrastructure and owned fibre pipes laid alongside power network cables.

The network will support ultra-low latency for 5G players as well, it said.

“5G is many times faster than 4G with near zero latency response. With the support of an intelligent, diverse and ultra-low latency network, it can enable many applications such as industry automation, autonomous vehicles, remote robotics, augmented and virtual reality, and event live streaming,” SP Telecom said in its statement.

Launch of innovationhub and innovation lab

In addition to the implementation of the data fibre network, the Singapore company is also launching its innovation hub and innovation lab.

The facilities will serve as a platform for SP Telecom’s partners – including Internet of Things (IoT) service providers, cybersecurity professionals and innovators – to pair and test their solutions and applications on the company’s data fibre network, it said.

Described as an “experiential space”, the invite-only hub will allow customers to preview SP Telecom’s intelligent network and other solutions.

The innovation lab, according to the company, will be a trial platform for customers to experience how their technologies, solutions and applications pair with and function on its network.

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