SPCA Singapore’s Master Dog read fortunes for over an hour in a Facebook live-stream

Would you let a dog read your fortune?
Facebook/ SPCA Singapore

The Year of the Dog is upon us and there’s no better way to receive a reminder to be kind to all, including animals, than to hear it from a talking dog.

You read that right.

On Tuesday (Feb 13) evening, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Singapore held a Facebook live-stream video featuring Master Dog, the “Fortunemoji”,  a self-aware talking dog emoji powered by Apple’s Animoji technology.



It’s an iPhone X feature that uses its TrueDepth camera system to mimick facial expressions and the movement of your head to create an audio message in the guise of animal such as dog, cat, monkey or rabbit.

For over an hour, Master Dog read the fortunes of Facebook viewers after asking for their Chinese zodiac animals and replied questions on love, health, wealth, education and career.

The virtual canine bid the viewers farewell with a reminder to “be kind to everyone, animals too”. The video has been viewed more than 2,400 times at the time of writing.

SPCA’s executive director Dr Jaipal Singh Gill told Business Insider that the organisation is always looking for new and innovative ways to spread the animal welfare message to different audiences.

He said: “With Master Dog, we were also infusing important animal welfare messages in the conversation, such as ‘adopt, don’t buy’ and a ‘pet is for life’.”

At times during the hour long live-stream, more questions were asked than could be answered.

This is SPCA Singapore’s first time using such technology to reach out to its audience and it’s very pleased with the result, added Dr Gill.

But who was voicing Master Dog?

Dr Gill would only say that he’s a volunteer who “besides having an expressive face, has a generous heart for the animals”.

He also assures everyone that information from various credible sources was used to support the fortunes that were told.

A Facebook user asked SPCA Singapore when Master Dog will next make an appearance, and this is what the organisation said: