ST Engineering’s latest police and military wearable tech is proof that the future is here

The future is now as ST Engineering reveals how the next generation super soldiers may be equipped.
Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

Singapore’s own ST Engineering has developed wearable combat tech that’s straight out of a sci-fi movie and gives us a real life glimpse into what the soldier of the future could be like.

A system it calls Arielle combines elements such as high-tech helmet and body armour among other wearables which can regulate the body temperature of tomorrow’s fighting forces in real time – which is a boon to forces in sweltering tropic climates.

But that’s not all: The helmets comes with a heads up display (HUD) which not only provides protection from shrapnel but allows the soldier to view augmented reality images to communicate, coordinate movement and to track friendly forces.

It’s also fitted with a “Person of Interest” system that uses facial recognition to identify wanted suspects and this could be integrated for use by police officers too.

Officers would be able to call for backup by simply swiping on their visors.

And if there’s any fear that these nifty gadgets may run out of juice in the field, ST Engineering’s got that figured out too.

Special braces fitted around a personnel’s legs will be able to convert kinetic energy from walking or running into usable electrical power that can be used to charged the gadgets.

There’s more to the Arielle system: a vest-mounted camera, sensors and a smart watches.

The modular camera can be fitted onto the combat vest to feed live footage back to base so commanders can stay up-to-date on what’s happening on the ground.

Sensors connected to an officer’s sidearm will trigger an alarm when the weapon is drawn, transmitting the alert to headquarters to notify them of potential armed conflict.

And smart watches that track vital signs such as heart rate and temperature, similar to Fitbit technology, will transmit data wirelessly back to commanders to ensure that officers stay in good health.

Business Insider got a sneak peek at the Arielle system as well as other technological developments at the Singapore Airshow 2018, which opens to the public on Feb 10 and 11.

According to the ST Engineering website, the company has a focus on “new generation systems and solutions for modern combat and homeland security” and looks to “help shape future fighting capability, modernise armed forces and enhance homeland security”.

ST Engineering said it designed Ariele to help enhance “the efficiency and capability of the soldier on the ground

To combat the many types of threats that military and law enforcement personnel may encounter, ST Engineering has also offered new additions to their arsenal.

A newcomer to the Singapore Assault Rifle 21st Century (SAR21) family, the SAR21 MMS is an improved version of the current M206 variant.

The lightweight SAR21 MMS is on display at Singapore Airshow 2018.
Business Insider/ Jonathan Loh

With the side-loading Under Barrel 40GL Mk1 launcher, soldiers will be able to load grenades more comfortably.

A device mounted to the right of the barrel configures the ammunition as it shoots out of the weapon through sensors to determine the length of delay in explosion after impact.

If riot control is required, the weapon may be kitted with the less-than-lethal STK 40 GL, capable of launching flash or irritant grenades to subdue rowdy mobs.

By providing servicemen with such technology, ST Engineering hopes to “fulfill the increasing demand of armed forces for integrated defence solutions that do more with less to manage warfighters’ loads while yet maintaining an overmatch in combat capability“.