STB brings back TV’s most famous gambling king and queen to warn you not to gamble with your holiday

A screengrab of a scene from one of STB’s “Don’t Travel Blur, Travel Safe” videos, based on 1993 drama serial The Unbeatables.
Facebook/ Singapore Tourism Board

Buying travel insurance is often a headache to most travellers planning their next holiday, and the temptation to forgo this safety net is hard to resist.

With this in mind, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) released a series of humorously dubbed videos to remind Singaporeans about the risks of “gambling” with their holiday.

STB uploaded the videos on its official website and Facebook page on Wednesday (Mar 14) in conjunction with the launch of its “Don’t Travel Blur, Travel Safe” campaign.

The videos consist of scenes taken from popular 1993 Chinese drama serial The Unbeatables, featuring Li Nanxing and Zoe Tay as the king and queen of gamblers alongside other supporting cast members.

In a bizarre fusion of gambling and travel-related themes, the action-packed scenes are dubbed over with dialogue about travel advice with surprising fidelity.

These include checking the validity of travel agent licences, reading and understanding terms and conditions as well as buying travel insurance with travel agent insolvency coverage.

The accompanying Mandarin and English subtitles have also been edited to match the dialogue.

Although the scenes can be at certain points melodramatic and cringe-worthy, the videos succeed in capturing the attention of viewers due to the nostalgic value and the succinctness of the message conveyed.

The Facebook videos have evidently found great favour on social media, with the most popular video amassing over 1,600 reactions and 1,186 shares at time of writing.

Facebook users praised the comedy and synchronisation between dialogue and acting:

This isn’t STB’s first foray into using old clips to share travel advice.

In 2017, old footage from a 1990s drama serial centred on Chinese historical figure Justice Bao was paired with a Singlish voiceover in similar fashion, reported AsiaOne.

Upon hearing about the slipshod planning of trips by court officials and prisoners, Justice Bao would react by exclaiming: “You think? I thought? Who confirm?”

The hilarious videos were also well-received by social media users, and ended up going viral.

According to STB’s official website, a survey conducted from September to October 2017 revealed that 97 per cent of respondents are aware of travel insurance – up from 93 per cent in 2016.

However, one in 10 respondents have never purchased a travel insurance policy.

Short-duration of trips (38%) and perceived “low-risk” destinations (28%) have remained the most cited reasons for not buying travel insurance.