Stephen Colbert: ‘We should never, ever have another election like this one’


While many responded with shock to Donald Trump’s upset win for president in Tuesday’s election, “Late Show” host Stephen Colbert addressed divisions among voters and called for unity.

At the end of his hourlong live election-night special on Showtime, “Stephen Colbert’s Live Election Night Democracy’s Series Finale: Who’s Going To Clean Up This S‑‑‑?” Colbert seemed deflated and defeated, and he acknowledged thinking he’d see Hillary Clinton take the Oval Office. But beyond that, he underlined the adverse effect he said the election has had on the country.

“Now I think we can agree that this has been an absolutely exhausting, bruising election for everyone, and it has come to an ending that I did not imagine,” Colbert said while still awaiting the election’s final results, which were favoring Trump. “We all now feel the way Rudy Giuliani looks. Seeing this election, people all around the world … everybody’s going to be saying, ‘Has America lost its mind?’ And the answer is, evidently, ‘Back off buddy – we got 300 million guns, and we’re kinda stressed right now.'”

He said politics had divided Americans in ways that were unfathomable to how he and others thought about politics and elections when he was a kid.

“By every metric, we are more divided than ever as a nation,” he said. “But you know what, everybody feels that way … Both sides are terrified of the other side, and I think that’s why the voting booth has a curtain, so you have some place to hide after the election’s over.”

And at least now that it’s over, whether you’re horrified or celebrating, Colbert believes it’s time to put away the rage and find harmony and agreement.

“Politics is everywhere, and that takes up precious brain space we could be using to remember all the things we actually have in common,” Colbert said. “So whether your side won or lost, we don’t have to do this s— for a while,” Colbert said. “Above all, we as a nation agree that we should never, ever have another election like this one. Now please get out there and kiss a Democrat. Go hug a Republican. Go give a Libertarian a reach-around. You survived. Good night, and God bless America.”

Watch the video below: