Take a look at the intense invitation only fitness program run by a Wall Street chief

Welcome to The Program, an invitation only fitness regime organized by the founder of private equity firm Zelnick Media Capital, Strauss Zelnick.

The Program mixes up fitness sessions, from yoga to biking, running, and bootcamp style classes, according to its website. It has a mailing list of about 80 people and now includes women as well as men, mostly in the financial services industry.

HUGE crew today @trooperflex. Putting in work on a Thursday. #capeday #crew #fitness #team #noshirts

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Jason Kelly at Bloomberg just published a fun article about Zelnick and the fitness program. Zelnick keeps the median age in The Program at 28, to maintain a younger and more aggressive mindset, according to Kelly.

The intense workout routine makes him think like a 25-year-old, Zelnick told Kelly.

“It drives my investment philosophy,” he said.

You can consider as another example of Wall Streeters taking fitness very seriously. Earlier this year I wrote about the Decathlon, an intense competition that sees traders, fund managers and bankers train relentlessly to be crowned “Wall Street’s Best Athlete.”

Look below to see highlights of the intense training at The Program.

Strauss Zelnick.

Early morning high intensity interval training by ex-marine Coach Flex.

FULL house this AM. @trooperflex came back from the beach and brought the ????????????. #squad #team #fitness

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On Wednesdays, they ride.

The team also sweats for charity. Covenant House is one of the recipients of their fundraising efforts.

Post workout smiles.

Friday is a self-run cross-training regimen co-lead by Nick Sizer and Strauss Zelnick.

Ditch the Friday mentality – every day is another opportunity to crush your goals. @wolaco #turf #running #squad

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Getting pumped at 6am.

@trooperflex turning up the volume at 6AM. #risengrind #team #family #fitness

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The women of The Program.

They usually start the week with yoga on Mondays.

Enjoy the day #fitfam ✌️ ✖️ #TheProgram #99 ✖️

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Work hard, play hard.

FITNESS DAY: Part 3, dinner at @locandaverde. #squad

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Outdoor interval training at Hudson River Park.

The leader of the pack, @trooperflex. #squadUP #fitfam ????: @muscle_and_fitness

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The Program member Web Schelble climbs a rope.

The Program member Eric Posner before and after.

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You can read the full article over at Bloomberg