Surprise, surprise… Singaporeans are the ‘complain kings’ of Southeast Asian e-commerce

Jessica Lin/Business Insider

And we’ve done it again. We’re No.1, but not for something we should be especially proud of.

A study of over 30,000 e-commerce customer reviews has found that Singaporeans produce the most number of complaints in Southeast Asia.

Of all the complaints collected by online shopping aggregator iPrice and customer review website Trusted Company, 34.7% were made by Singapore consumers.

On average, Singaporeans complain about 20% more frequently than Thai consumers, who are responsible for the third most number of complaints after the Philippines.

The issues Singaporeans complained about must have been really upsetting too, because we were found to be 25% more likely than Malaysians to “yell” by writing our complaints in capital letters.

The analysis also found that Singaporeans are the most dissatisfied e-commerce customers in the region, and often request for refunds for their purchases.

Malaysians are less likely to do so.

Interestingly, what irked Singaporeans was usually not related to product price, as less than 10% of total feedback from Singapore was about price. On the other hand, 20% of feedback from The Philippines was about product prices.

In the end, it is probably not so much that Singaporeans love to complain, but rather, we really enjoy sharing our experiences with other consumers online.

The same study found that compared to Indonesians (who were ranked the most satisfied consumers), Singaporeans are twice more likely to share their satisfaction if an e-commerce store meets their needs.