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We talked to a pool expert about what’s going on with the stinky green Olympic pool, and he gave us some gross insight

The smell makes the situation in the Rio Olympic diving pool much more mysterious.

Here’s what happens to the stock market during the Olympics

The Olympics usually mean good things for the host country's stock market. The US stock market is less certain.

A single ‘super’ mutation could play an important part in how fast you run

There's a genetic variation associated with sprinters and other power athletes.

Brazil arrested 10 people who pledged allegiance to ISIS, but the bigger threat to the Olympics may be more basic

"If I had to search someone, and they had a weapon or a bomb, then what?" said a person hired to run security at the Rio Olympics.

The battle between WhatsApp and one of the world’s largest countries has entered another round

"It's shocking that less than two months after Brazilian people ... rejected blocks of services like WhatsApp, history is repeating itself," the CEO said.

A ‘super bacteria’ has been found in the waters of the Rio Olympics

The super bacteria is resistant to drugs and has been found in popular tourist spots.

‘I have never faced a crisis like this’: Rio’s problems are growing worse as the Olympics get closer

"I would tell [visitors] not to come here — that they're running an enormous risk," a lifeguard in Rio reportedly said.

Stephen Curry is reportedly skipping the 2016 Rio Olympics

Stephen Curry will skip the Olympics to let his right knee heal, but Zika warnings have reportedly raised red flags among other NBA players.

The Olympics are 2 months away, and Rio has a huge police-brutality problem

"The only part of the state that goes inside these areas is the police. Other parts ... have to go inside the favelas as well," a Rio police official said.

Carmelo Anthony explaining why he wants to play in the Olympics is a depressing update on the state of the Knicks

Carmelo Anthony said he wants to play in the Olympics because he wants to experience what winning feels like again.