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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at a rally opposing Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court in October 2018.

The filmmaker who followed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign for 18 months says the freshman lawmaker was ‘looking forward to wearing re...

Filmmaker Rachel Lears talks with INSIDER about spending 18 months on the campaign trail and capturing Ocasio-Cortez's stunning primary victory.

Obama to meet with freshmen Democrats, including controversial members Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar

This comes shortly after Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Minnesota freshman, slammed Obama's immigration and drone warfare policies.
Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and Joshua Kushner at The New York Observer 25th Anniversary at the Four Seasons in New York on March 14, 2013.

Jared Kushner’s brother, Josh Kushner, donated close to the maximum amount to Beto O’Rourke’s 2018 Senate campaign against Ted Cruz

Josh Kushner is reportedly a lifelong Democrat and has donated to a host of other Democratic candidates and causes.

Here are all the former members of Congress who went straight from government to high-powered lobbying firms this year

While the former lawmakers do not engage in official lobbying activities due to a one year ban, they usually take on consultant or advisory roles.

This graphic shows how much more diverse the House of Representatives is getting

The 116th Congress is shaping up to be the most racially and gender-diverse House of Representatives class in history.

Who’s in and who’s out of House committee leadership positions

With Democrats sweeping to power in the House, control of the chamber's 22 committees moves from Republican to Democratic hands.

The US just sent 10 new scientists to Congress, including an ocean expert, a nurse, and a biochemist. Here’s the full list.

On Thursday, 10 new science-credentialed candidates went to Washington: one senator and nine members of the House.
Ayanna Pressley delivers her victory speech after winning a Democratic congressional primary in Massachusetts.

2 photos show the stark difference in the new representatives Democrats and Republicans are sending to Congress

All of the new Republican members of Congress are white and just one is female; the new Democratic members are majority female and 37% nonwhite.
Ilhan Omar.

Diversity wins: All the people who made history in the 2018 midterm elections

The 2018 midterm elections saw history made on multiple fronts, but especially in terms of diversity.