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"Orange Is the New Black"will air its final season in 2019.

13 Netflix original series that are ending in 2019

"The OA," "Santa Clarita Diet," and "Tuca & Bertie" are three of the most recent shows to be canceled.
Generally, critics have lauded "Us" but panned "Dark Phoenix."

6 of the best and 6 of the worst movies released this year, so far

According to reviews, "Toy Story 4" was a hilarious and emotional success and “Dark Phoenix" was a huge letdown, especially for X-Men fans.

The 3 major US stock indexes are fresh off record highs. Here’s how other popular investments have fared in 2019.

Though most investment tools haven't met the stock market's strong year-to-date performance, bitcoin and oil leapt upward in recent months.
Netflix's zombie thriller "Black Summer" began streaming earlier this year.

13 Netflix thrillers to look out for this year

From TV series to movies, here are all of the originals Netflix has released and will release in the thriller genre this year.
In 2019, summer starts on June 21.

20 photos that prove summer is the best season

Days are getting longer and temperatures are rising, but summer is still a few weeks away. These photos will get you revved up for that sunny season.
"10 Things I Hate About You" came out in 1999.

12 movies that turn 20 this year

From "10 Things I Hate About You" to "Toy Story 2," here are some movies that surprisingly turn 20 this year.

RANKED: The most Google-searched boy bands in 2019 so far

Google released which boy bands are the most-searched in the US so far this year. From The Beatles and BTS to One Direction and NSYNC, here they are.
The reenactments make up a portion of the film.

9 documentaries that made headlines this year

From "Abducted in Plain Sight" to "Leaving Neverland," here are some of the biggest documentaries of 2019 so far.
Pairing black and navy blue used to be considered a faux pas.

11 style rules that are now OK to break

Turns out, you can wear white after Labor Day — and the fashion police won't come for you. Here are 10 other style rules that are now outdated.
The Gap was famously established in 1969.

20 surprising things that are turning 50 this year

1969 was one of the most exciting years in history, and some of its most significant highlights are turning 50 in 2019.