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5G is coming to Singapore in 2020, but your mobile experience could actually decline, Opensignal says

5G is coming to Singapore in 2020, but user mobile experience could actually stagnate or even worsen if telcos choose to focus on price competition instead of quality, Opensignal said.

Up to four 5G networks planned for Singapore: Four things to know about the move

As there are limited 5G airwaves for islandwide reach, there will only be two nationwide networks in Singapore.

Singaporeans worried that 5G radiation will be harmful to people’s health: IMDA consultation

In response to these concerns, IMDA said the ambient level of radio frequency radiation in Singapore was "very low".

Singtel to roll out pilot 5G network by the end of the year – and it’s apparently 10 times faster than 4G speeds

With the power of the new network, Singtel also plan to test out drone and autonomous vehicle trials.