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911 calls from a Utah student who was killed by her ex-boyfriend show she voiced concern about him to police in the days before her death

Lauren McCluskey, 21, was killed by 37-year-old Melvin Rowland on October 22 near the University of Utah campus.

A white woman called the police on a black child she wrongly accused of sexual assault. After being confronted with video footage, she apologized.

A white woman in Brooklyn who called 911 and inaccurately accused a young black boy of sexual assault apologized on Friday after being confronted with video footage showing that the boy appeared not to touch her.

An Apple facility that repairs iPhones in California called 911 over 2,000 times in 4 months — and nobody knows how to stop it

Documents reviewed by Business Insider show how city officials have struggled to stop a rash of false emergency calls originating from an Apple facility.

Florida police release chilling 911 calls from the Pulse nightclub shooting

The Orange County Sheriff's Office released the calls on Tuesday in response to public-records requests.