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AAA members can get discounts on a large number of products and services, including movie tickets, food, and clothing.

9 things you didn’t realize AAA will help you with

In addition to roadside assistance, AAA members also get access to travel services, loans, and discounts on a wide array of products and services.
Brand-new is best.

Driver’s are overlooking a huge safety risk by neglecting their cars’ headlights: AAA

AAA investigated degraded car headlights and found that they can greatly reduce the amount of light projected at night.

Kirk Cousins couldn’t get anyone in his family to answer the phone after landing an $84 million contract, so he called an AAA employee

After Kirk Cousins agreed to an $84 million contract with the Minnesota Vikings, he tried to tell his wife and family about the deal. When they didn't answer, he decided to call a friendly AAA employee who had asked him about his next contract days before.
It will be better to let the car drive.

Americans are dangerously overconfident in their driving skills —but they’re about to get a harsh reality check

Americans think they're great drivers — and that could be holding back self-driving cars.
91 octane isn't absolutely necessary.

A new AAA study reveals why you shouldn’t buy premium gas

AAA pointed out that premium fuel can cost $0.50 more than regular nationwide. The price difference has been on the rise since 2009.

Synthetic or conventional oil? The verdict is finally in

Everybody knows synthetic oil costs more. But is it worth it?

Elon Musk slams AAA for charging Tesla owners more and encourages customers to change providers

During Tesla’s annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday, though, Musk defended the safety of the Model S and Model X.

A new study by AAA puts to rest one of the most common questions car owners have

Everybody knows synthetic oil costs more. But is it really worth it?

Some Tesla owners may see their insurance cost surge 30%

Insurance provider AAA plans to raise rates on Tesla vehicles after seeing high claim rates for the Model S and Model X.

Millions of Americans are expected to get stranded on the road this summer — here’s why

The main factors that will strand drivers, according to AAA, are "battery, lock and tire-related issues."