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The Georgia State Capitol Building in Atlanta, Georgia

A Georgia lawmaker just proposed a ‘testicular bill of rights’ that would ban vasectomies in response to restrictive abortion legislation

A Georgia lawmaker introduced a testicular bill of rights, including a vasectomy ban, in response to a restrictive abortion measure introduced last week in the state.

The UN shamed Argentina for forcing a pregnant 11-year-old rape victim to deliver her baby

The 11-year-old was allegedly raped by her grandmother's boyfriend, and authorities delayed her abortion until it was too late.

Everything you need to know about the Trump administration’s new ‘domestic gag rule’ on abortions in America

A policy that will bar clinics who provide abortion services or referrals from receiving federal grants under Title X went into effect today.
Christensen (not pictured here) had a later abortion in 2016.

‘We are not monsters’: 123 people who’ve experienced ‘late-term abortions’ signed an open letter to fight perceived misc...

Amid a national conversation on later abortion, dozens of families who've experienced the procedure signed an open letter about its often tragic realities.

President Trump called for a ban on ‘late-term abortion’ in the State of the Union. Here’s what you should know about the procedure....

A doctor told INSIDER that abortions performed later in pregnancy are rare and typically happen because of medical problems like fetal anomalies.

These are the hot-button issues that people are Googling the most in every state ahead of Trump’s State of the Union address

Trump's State of the Union speech starts at 9 pm EST tonight and can be streamed live via YouTube.
Virginia Governor Ralph Northam speaks with reporters at a press conference at the Governor's mansion on February 2, 2019 in Richmond, Virginia. Northam denies allegations that he is pictured in a yearbook photo wearing racist attire.

The tip about the racist photo in Gov. Ralph Northam’s yearbook reportedly came from an ex-classmate angry about his abortion comments

A racist photo that embroiled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam in controversy reportedly surfaced due to one of Northam's former classmates.

Trump is planning to slam abortion in his State of the Union speech, fanning the flames of the culture wars

President Donald Trump has reportedly told aides that he wants to center abortion in his State of the Union address next Tuesday.
Anti-abortion activists hold a rally opposing federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

A controversial Virginia bill expanding access to late-term abortion sparked outrage on social media and was incorrectly accused of enabling ‘in...

Public comments made by the main author of the bill, Delegate Kathy Tran, and Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam were either confusing, misleading, or taken out of context.

William Barr, Trump’s attorney general nominee, said Roe v. Wade ‘will fall’ in unearthed CNN interview from 1992

In a newly resurfaced CNN interview from 1992, William Barr, Trump's attorney general nominee, said Roe v. Wade "will ultimately be overturned."