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Millie Bobby Brown isn't actually American.

13 celebrities you’ll be surprised to learn aren’t American

Some actors are so great that we forget their true accent. You may think these celebrities have an American accent, but they really don't.
How do you pronounce "merry?"

57% of Americans pronounce ‘merry,’ ‘marry,’ and ‘Mary’ the same, and it highlights a fascinating quirk of the Eng...

You're probably going to hear the phrase "merry Christmas" a lot over the next few days. But it might not always sound the same.
Minorities are discriminated by the sound of their voice, as a black telemarketer learns in "Sorry to Bother You."

‘Sorry to Bother You’ is right — minorities are judged by the sound of their voice, and there’s science to prove it

In the new film "Sorry to Bother You," a black telemarketer finds success only after he starts speaking in a "white voice." The movie is rooted in science — linguists have long known that minorities face discrimination based on the sound of their voice.

I’m English, and there’s one thing Americans always get wrong about British people that really works to my advantage

Not all misconceptions are bad. As a British person living in America, there's one common misconception about people from the UK that works to my advantage.

An American says she suddenly woke up with a British accent — here’s what really happened

Despite sounding made up, Foreign Accent Syndrome makes more sense when you think about the minute changes that characterize what we perceive to be an accent.
New Yorkers have one of the most distinctive American English dialects.

6 things New Yorkers say that you won’t hear anywhere else

It's more than just "fuhgeddaboutit" and "yuuuge" that set New York apart — there are more subtle features that could clue you into where they come from.

9 things only Southerners say

From its country twang to its unique vocabulary, there is a lot that sets Southern English apart from other US dialects.