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From passenger cars to financial and professional services, VR is enabling major companies to train workers and connect teams from around the world.

Here’s how top companies are using VR to connect and train their teams from around the world

From passenger cars to financial and professional services, VR is enabling major companies to train workers and connect teams from around the world.

Some YouTube content moderators are reportedly being told they could be fired if they don’t sign ‘voluntary’ statements acknowledgin...

There's a well-documented history of content moderators reviewing graphic and disturbing content that have led to psychological trauma and PTSD.
Accenture's HR chief Ellyn Shook

Why humans, not machines, are companies’ biggest competitive advantage

Even as more work gets automated, Accenture's HR chief Ellyn Shook said "uniquely human skills" are companies' biggest edge.
Tony Encinias, former CIO for Pennsylvania and vice president of ViON.

The risk of cyberattacks rises as high-tech smart cities become the norm, and experts say ‘your weakest link is your people’

At the IGNITION: Smart Cities panel in Washington DC, experts discussed the challenges governments and cities face protecting against of cyberattacks.
Unilever CEO Alan Jope is one of the CEOs calling for more action on sustainability goals.

A survey asked 1,000 CEOs how they felt about their work on the environment, and most of them gave the same answer: not that great

A new survey from Accenture and the UN found that the majority of CEOs want to accelerate their sustainability initiatives over the next decade.
Tim Cook with Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg.

New Apple services, sonic boom, and digital media merger talk

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Ellyn Shook, Accenture's chief leadership and human resources officer.

Accenture’s HR chief shares what the company has learned from retraining nearly 300,000 employees

The global consulting firm has developed a skills pipeline to avoid losing employees when clients no longer need a particular service.
Accenture's CEO of North America Julie Sweet.

The CEO of a consulting firm that made $18 billion looks for 2 main qualities in new hires at any level

It's important for job candidates to demonstrate many different interests, Julie Sweet told The New York Times.
Julie Sweet, CEO of North America for Accenture.

The CEO of a consulting firm says if ‘you can see your future’ at work, you may not be in the right career

Julie Sweet left the No. 1 law firm in the country in 2010 to work for the consulting firm Accenture, eventually becoming its CEO of North America.
"It's like being an entrepreneur, minus the risk." An Accenture innovation hub in Detroit is pictured.

Companies like IKEA and Accenture are following in Google’s footsteps to stay ahead of the curve

Home Depot, IKEA, and Accenture are examples of major corporations with smaller innovation labs. Some experts say that aspiring entrepreneurs might do better to work there than to start a company on their own.