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If any of your apps don’t work in MacOS Mojave, a small tweak in your settings might fix the problem

Adobe Photoshop wouldn't open after I upgraded to MacOS Mojave. But a simple trick fixed my problem — and it could fix your incompatible apps, too.

Microsoft’s Xbox One is getting a truly bizarre-looking controller with two giant buttons — take a look

Microsoft's Xbox One is getting a new gamepad with two giant buttons — part of the company's push toward accessibility, it seems. The controller hasn't been officially announced, but the leak looks legit.

1 out of 5 iPhone users prefers large text — here’s how to make the iPhone font bigger

It's worth trying if you've never increased the size of the default text before. I found I preferred the default size, but you might like the bigger font.

One small tweak will let you use your iPhone in ‘dark mode’

A new feature called "smart invert" lets iPhone users have their own version of a dark mode.
Ruksana, an RLSB Youth Forum member who has tested Wayfindr.

A Google-backed project to help blind people navigate with smartphones got a boost from the UN

Wayfindr is being tested around the world, and permanent installations might be just around the corner.

This cofounder made his app more accessible to vision-impaired users in honor of his blind father

Asana's VoiceOver update will be available when Apple releases iOS 11 on September 19.

Google Maps is making it easier to flag if places are wheelchair-friendly

It's something most people never think about — but makes a huge difference to how people with disabilities get around.

There’s a new and improved ‘dark mode’ coming to your iPhone this fall

Apple hid a version of one of its most requested features in the fine print of a slide.