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An active shooter drill likely triggered a false alarm at an Ohio Air Force base

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio was locked down Thursday afternoon for roughly two hours due to reports of an active shooter on base. The base later revealed that there had been "no real world active shooter incident."

In the wake of controversy over a school shooting game, Steam, the world’s largest gaming service, will now allow any game unless it’s ...

Steam, the world's largest gaming service, last week removed an inflammatory game that let players act out a school shooting. This week, Valve is making a major change to its guidelines for what's allowed on Steam.

Student and teacher injured, suspect in custody after shooting at middle school in Noblesville, Indiana, police say

Authorities responded to reports of an active shooter at the Noblesville West Middle School in Indiana on Friday. A suspect is in custody, the Noblesville Fire Department tweeted.
Authorities responded to reports of an active shooter in Panama City, Florida, on Tuesday.

Florida shooting suspect found dead after a standoff with police at an apartment complex

The shooting suspect, identified as 49-year-old Kevin Robert Holroyd, was found dead in an apartment. Holroyd reportedly barricaded himself inside the apartment and appeared to have doused it in gasoline.
First responders following a shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas, May 18, 2018.

10 people killed in shooting at Texas high school; suspected gunman arrested and explosive devices found

A suspected gunman is arrested following a shooting at a high school in Santa Fe, Texas, on Friday. Authorities said between eight and 10 people were killed, and "possible explosive devices" were found both at the school and off campus.
Students participate in a school shooting drill.

What you should do in an active-shooter situation — remember ‘Run Hide Fight’

"Run Hide Fight" is a phrase law enforcement agencies recommend remembering for an active-shooter situation.
"'Run, hide, fight' is essentially the 'stop, drop, and roll' of active shooter training," said Experior Group president Aric Mutchnick.

In response to office violence, companies have begun holding active shooter drills — but they can do more harm than good

Shooting drills in the workplace are meant to help people prepare for the unthinkable. But their effectiveness may depend on how they are structured.
The University of Southern California locked down on Monday after reports of an active shooter on campus.

A USC professor was detained by police after she told her class there was an active shooter when there wasn’t one

After an active shooter was falsely reported on campus on Monday, the University of Southern California locked down.
Trust your gut.

People are often too embarrassed to react to emergencies at work — here’s how to stay safe should the worst happen

Shootings, violence, and other emergencies happen at work. But people often don’t want to be seen as overreacting at work, which could endanger their lives.

Police respond to shooting incident at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California

The incident appears unrelated to a simulated exercise being carried out Wednesday and Thursday.