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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

The behind-the-scenes story of why Apple received a letter from 2 huge investors about child safety features

BI PRIME: Apple was the target of an interesting PR situation in which everyone involved walked away winners. But Apple was somewhat blindsided by the situation.
Bill Ackman would be right to be worried about his Herbalife short following the company's decision to do a Dutch auction.

We all just witnessed the fall of a Wall Street god

OPINION: On Wall Street, the most powerful people can move the market with merely a word. Bill Ackman seems to have lost that ability.

‘People don’t like it’: Why a giant hedge fund eschews ‘wolf pack’ tactics

European activist hedge fund Cevian Capital has different codes it must follow when making activist investments, says senior partner Harlan Zimmerman.

A $13 billion hedge fund you’ve never heard of is shaking up a whole continent

Business Insider interviewed Harlan Zimmerman, a senior partner at Cevian Capital, to learn more about the activist hedge fund's process.