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How to stop pop-ups from appearing on your iPhone’s Safari browser

You can stop pop-ups on your iPhone with the device's built-in pop-up blocker, or you can download a third-party ad blocker from the App Store.

Google is reportedly adding an ad blocker to its mega-popular Chrome browser

Google is building an ad blocker directly into Chrome, according to a WSJ report.

This side-by-side comparison shows how many ads are in Google search results

We've become so used to seeing multiple ads on our web pages that seeing a Google search without any advertising looks a little strange.

Google and AppNexus: We’re not involved with the surprise Adblock Plus plan to sell ads

Adblock Plus implied Google and AppNexus would power its first move into selling ads.

How to disable an ad blocker on Business Insider

Because we are an ad-supported site, we request that you turn off your ad blocker (AdBlock or AdBlock Plus).

The EU says it won’t allow mobile carriers to deploy network-level ad blocking

"ISPs should not block, slow down, alter, restrict, interfere with, degrade or discriminate advertising."

A mobile carrier with 40 million subscribers is about to deploy network-level ad blocking

Africa-based Econet Wireless has become the latest customer of ad blocking company Shine.

Ad blocker users have figured out a way to get around Facebook’s ad blocker ban

There is a workaround — but Facebook will probably move quickly to render it useless.