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WeWork cofounder and CEO Adam Neumann reportedly sold shares he owned in the company and took loans worth $700 million

Adam Neumann reportedly sold some of his stock during financing rounds and also borrowed against his shares.
WeWork CEO Adam Neumann.

WeWork isn’t even close to being profitable — it loses $219,000 every hour of every day

As WeWork gears up for an IPO, it's going to have to get investors focusing on its massive growth — not its staggering losses.
Neumann and his wife, Rebekah, in 2009, shortly after they began dating. Rebekah is WeWork's chief brand officer and the founder and CEO of WeGrow.

Before he was a billionaire, WeWork CEO Adam Neumann was broke. Here’s the NYC building where he and his wife lived in a tiny apartment before h...

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann's coworking company is worth $47 billion. But not too long ago, he was living in a tiny NYC apartment.
Adam and Rebekah Neumann in 2009. The pair cofounded WeWork and also keep each other in check.

How WeWork’s CEO manages his ego after going from broke to a billionaire in under 10 years

WeWork CEO and cofounder Adam Neumann found his ego getting too big after the co-working space reached a $5 billion valuation.

WeWork is setting up a $2.9 billion fund to buy buildings that it will lease to itself

The move represents a strategy shift for the company, which has previously focused on leasing space from other property owners.
WeWork CEO Adam Neumann.

‘My superpower is change’: The cult of WeWork was laid bare in a revealing interview with CEO Adam Neumann

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann is known for his hyper-energetic and idiosyncratic leadership style.
Wavegarden's artificial wave in action.

Here are all the wild things, from wave pools to turmeric coffee creamer, that WeWork’s surfing founder has invested in

The avid surfer has led WeWork to invest tens of millions of dollars into a wave pool company and into big-wave legend Laird Hamilton's natural food company.
WeWork CEO Adam Neumann

WeWork CEO Adam Neumann has reportedly made millions of dollars by leasing office space to his own company

WeWork acknowledges that Neumann has a stake in four properties that it uses for its coworking spaces.
Adam Neumann, CEO of The We Company.

It took a day for WeWork’s CEO to recover from the shock of a $16 billion SoftBank investment falling apart

After hearing a $16 billion investment had fallen apart, WeWork CEO Adam Neumann was reportedly able to salvage part of it by returning to negotiations.

WeWork is changing its name to ‘The We Company’ as SoftBank invests $2 billion

WeWork's rebrand is part of the company's goals to push beyond providing desk space and to expand into creating residential and educational units.