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Trump continues railing against the media and Don Jr.’s role in Mueller’s investigation — here are the highlights from Sunday’...

President Donald Trump's condemnation of the media and Donald Trump Jr.'s role in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation set the stage for several high-profile political appearances on cable news stations.

Jim Carrey takes aim at Democrats with a drawing of Adam Schiff with his pants down, about to get kicked

In a rare rebuke of Democrats, Jim Carrey tweeted a slightly NSFW drawing of Congressman Adam Schiff on Friday and said that they "need to get out of politics" if they can't win a PR war against the "dirty, rotten Cheeto," who is presumably President Trump.

‘It’s a f—ing circus’: Experts are floored that White House officials attended highly classified briefings about the Russia pr...

National-security experts and legal experts were "gobsmacked" by senior White House officials' attendance Thursday at a classified briefing about the Russia investigation and an FBI informant who had talked to the Trump campaign.

‘You can’t make this stuff up’: Bernie Sanders, Democrats blast Trump’s decision to back down on sanctions against Chinese tec...

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Chuck Schumer, Rep. Adam Schiff, and other Democrats all blasted President Donald Trump's decision to reverse sanctions on Chinese telecom giant ZTE.

Report alleges the House Intelligence Committee failed to investigate a stunning number of leads before closing its Russia investigation

A new report from Democratic-aligned The Moscow Project, of the Center for American Progress, highlights how many stones the committee had left unturned.
Rep. Adam Schiff, from California.

Top Democrat lambastes the firing of deputy FBI director and says it has an ‘odious taint’

Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff called the Trump administration's decision to fire FBI deputy director "harsh treatment" and said it had "an odious taint."
Schiff departs at the conclusion of a closed-door meeting between the House Intelligence Committee and Kushner on Capitol Hill in Washington

House Intelligence Committee Democrats say they have ‘ample evidence’ of collusion between Trump and Russia

Schiff said the Democratic minority on the House Intelligence Committee will release their own report that counters the Republican one that came out Monday.
Rep. Devin Nunes chairs the House Intelligence Committee, which is mired in partisan infighting.

Communication between the Senate and House Intelligence Committees has apparently broken down entirely

After months of partisanship on the House Intel Committee, relations between its members and their counterparts on the Senate committee have deteriorated.
House Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Ranking Member Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) speak with the media about the ongoing Russia investigation on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., U.S. March 15, 2017.

‘This is off the charts’: Intelligence veterans sound the alarm over the House Intelligence Committee’s partisan war

The House Intelligence Committee has devolved into an unprecedented level of partisan bickering, and the national security apparatus is worried.
House Intelligence Committee ranking Democrat Schiff released his rebuttal memo to the GOP memo released earlier this month.

Top Democrat offers a simple explanation that undercuts Republicans’ central argument that the FBI acted illegally

Rep. Adam Schiff explained on CNN that using the Trump-Russia dossier as probable cause made perfect sense in the Russia investigation.