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Here are the new college football uniforms for the 2018 season

College football is nearly back and as usual, a ton of teams will have changes to their uniforms. The changes range from minor tweaks to full uniform makeovers.
Nike was the top brand for teens.

These are the 10 clothing brands that teens are obsessed with

Piper Jaffray's survey of teen spending habits includes big names like Nike and Adidas.
Adidas says that customers who shopped from its website in the United States may have been affected by a potential data breach.

Adidas is warning millions of customers that their data may have been leaked in a security breach

Adidas announced on Thursday that a possible security breach may have put some of its US customers' data at risk.
Häagen-Dazs may sound Danish, but it's completely made up.

Here’s what 24 of the most popular brand names really mean

Pepsi. Starbucks. Häagen-Dazs. They're all staples in your life, but do you have any idea what their names mean? We investigated the meaning behind some of the best-known brands in the world.
Reebok moved into new headquarters at 25 Drydock Avenue in Boston.

One of the hottest ’80s fitness brands is banking on female CrossFitters and a swanky new office to be its saving grace

Reebok has recently moved into a brand-new headquarters in Boston, where it is plotting a return to glory. It has a plan to aggressively go after the female consumer, a demographic that its competitors have struggled to reach.
Adidas won't cut ties with Kanye West.

Adidas says Kanye West is still great for business, even after the rapper called slavery a ‘choice’

Adidas has no plans to cut ties with Kanye West, who designs Yeezy shoes for the sneaker company, despite backlash against West's comments in a TMZ interview referring to slavery as a "choice." "Kanye has helped us have a great comeback in the US," Adidas CEO Kasper Rorsted said.
Kanye West fans standing in a circle showing off some early Yeezy shoes.

Betrayed Kanye West fans are threatening to sell their pricey Yeezy shoes after the singer tweeted his support for Trump

Kanye West fans upset about his tweets praising President Donald Trump are threatening to sell his shoes on Twitter. But it's unclear if the fans are actually planning to sell their shoes.
Inside one of Adidas' Speedfactories.

Adidas just opened a futuristic new factory — and it will dramatically change how shoes are sold

Adidas's new factory is automated and on US soil — and it's about to change how sneakers are sold.
The Adidas Yung 1.

Adidas is launching a new ‘dad shoe’ for the summer

Adidas dug through its archives for its new shoes. Called the Yung 1, the shoe takes some obvious cues from the sneaker archetype that is dominating footwear: the "dad shoe."