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Take an inside look at the offices of Facebook, PayPal, Twitter, and 11 more high-profile employers

Here's a look inside the offices of Facebook, LinkedIn, Uber, Spotify, Kickstarter, Etsy, Twitter, Adobe, and more.
Attending the school "was the best break I had in my life," said Satya Nadella, pictured.

A single high school in India has produced the CEOs of Microsoft, Adobe, and Mastercard

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella went to Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet, a private school in southern India. So did the CEOs of Adobe and Mastercard.

Tech companies have developed a new obsession with running tracks

The 150m running track is located on top of the White Collar Factory building.

7 years after Steve Jobs waged war on Flash, it’s officially dying

Adobe is killing Flash, the software that millions used in the early 2000s to play web games and watch video in their web browsers.

25 tricky job-interview questions the best companies in America are asking

Here are the tough questions top companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Bain have asked in job interviews.

Adobe just launched a free app that turns your phone into a document scanner

Adobe Scan uses your phone's camera to scan printed documents and convert them into digital files.

A new app could solve the biggest problems with selfies

Adobe is teasing some new software that could change the way you take selfies.

Adobe is now officially an ad tech company

The launch of Adobe Advertising Cloud follows the company's acquisition of TubeMogul for $540 million.