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‘Charlie’s Angel’s’ star Farrah Fawcett’s estate is at the center of a legal battle after her stuff was acquired by R...

Some of Farrah Fawcett's storage units were sold on A&E's "Storage Wars," but the value was much less than expected.
Brooke, one of the undercover inmates on "60 Days In."

7 law-abiding citizens went undercover for 2 months at an Arizona jail — and learned the disturbing reality of life behind bars

"Being in jail is a nightmare. It is just hell," one of the undercover inmates on season five of "60 Days In" told Business Insider.
Alan, one of the undercover inmates on A&E's "60 Days In."

A police officer who went to jail undercover quit the force after he got out — and his decision is a sobering reminder of how bad prison really ...

On the A&E documentary series "60 Days In," undercover inmates were exposed to drugs, violence, and frequent confrontations with jail staff.
On "60 Days In," inmates at Indiana's Clark County Jail demonstrated the creative way they exercise using common jail-cell materials.

Regular people who went undercover in jail uncovered 13 ‘ingenious’ life hacks inmates use to survive life behind bars

Inmates on "60 Days In" found creative ways to exercise, put on makeup, and even make tattoo guns using common household materials.
On "60 Days In," undercover inmates learned about the complex social dynamics in jail.

Regular people who went undercover in jail for 2 months discovered a strict social hierarchy that governs everything from where you sleep to whether y...

"60 Days In" follows undercover inmates who learn the strict social hierarchy that exists behind bars.
Jorge, 24, and Lina, 22, as undercover students at Highland Park High School.

7 adults disguised themselves as teenagers to go undercover in high school for 4 months — see the before-and-after photos

On "Undercover High," 7 adults posed as teenagers. To do it, they needed to make changes to their appearance — sometimes drastic ones.
Nicolette, center, lent support to pregnant and parenting students at Highland Park High School.

Adults who went undercover at a high school were shocked to learn teen pregnancy isn’t just becoming more acceptable — it might even be co...

On "Undercover High," adults posed as high-school students for a semester and found out teen pregnancy doesn't carry the same stigma it used to.

7 regular people who went undercover in high school found teachers face an unprecedented obstacle — and it’s an uphill battle

On "Undercover High," seven adults posing as students found that smartphones are making it harder for teachers to do their jobs.
Shane Feldman, an undercover high school student on the documentary series "Undercover High."

Adults who went undercover at a high school found 7 things people don’t realize about life for teenagers today

On A&E's "Undercover High," seven adults posed as students for a semester in a high school to better understand the reality of being a teenager today.
Nicolette, center, went undercover at a Kansas high school on the show "Undercover High."

An adult who went undercover at a Kansas high school found today’s teenage girls think it’s ‘normal’ to post ‘promiscuou...

Female students on the documentary series "Undercover High" face pressure to send sexually explicit images of themselves.