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"It's basically pornography," shopper Jessie Shealy wrote on Victoria's Secret's Facebook page, referring to the ads on display in her local store in South Carolina.

These photos reveal why women are abandoning Victoria’s Secret for American Eagle’s Aerie underwear brand

Victoria's Secret goes for racy images in its ads, while its rival, Aerie, focuses on female empowerment. Aerie's approach seems to be resonating well with female customers. We visited both and saw the differences firsthand.
Victoria's Secret has been criticized for its racy ad campaigns.

These up-and-coming lingerie brands should terrify Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret was once the king of women's lingerie in the US, but it's increasingly losing market share to newer brands. We've compiled a list of up-and-coming lingerie brands.

Victoria’s Secret can’t pin its struggles on the retail apocalypse

Victoria's Secret and PINK suffer from declining sales but this isn't a symptom of the retail apocalypse that took down stores like Toys 'R' Us. Rather, Nomura Instinet suggests the sister-stores have grown too large and are hitting their ceiling.
Nike was the top brand for teens.

These are the 10 clothing brands that teens are obsessed with

Piper Jaffray's survey of teen spending habits includes big names like Nike and Adidas.
High-tech fitness company Peloton unveiled its newest product, a treadmill, in January.

These 25 companies are revolutionizing retail

These companies are bringing big changes to the way we shop and spend money.

Retailers like J. Crew are ignoring a $20 billion opportunity — and it’s infuriating shoppers

Women’s plus-size apparel is a big business. But many plus-size shoppers still have trouble finding flattering clothing.

The top 7 retailers to watch in 2017

Adidas, Lululemon, and American Eagle should all be on your radar this year.

Victoria’s Secret has suddenly gone on the offensive — and it’s great news for customers

Victoria's Secret was able to avoid discounting merchandise for years. But now, the lingerie brand is offering steep discounts for Cyber Monday and beyond.

A new definition of what’s sexy is spurring a revolution in the lingerie industry

A new category called "leisurée" indicates that comfort is the new sexy.