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James Asquith.

The youngest person to travel to every country is giving away all of his air miles on Instagram

You have to guess how many he has to win them — and he hinted that there are 'enough to fly around the world more than three times if you use them wisely.'

We asked a travel expert whether booking cheap flights or collecting air miles will save you the most money — and the answer was clear

The 30-year-old founder of cheap flight newsletter Jack's Flight Club alerts subscribers to the lowest flight prices on the internet — and his advice is different than most frequent fliers.

British Airways’ Avios scheme is closing down — here’s everything you need to know about your points

The company behind the Avios Travel Rewards Programme announced that the scheme will close on May 20 — but your points are going to a new home.

4 things you need to know before you start collecting air miles — and exactly how to start

The world of air miles can seem incredibly complicated to those on the outside — but the upgrades and lounge access make it worth figuring out.
Rob Burgess — pictures here behind the bar on board an Emirates A380 — is founder of air miles site Head for Points.

This credit card hack can get you 20,000 air miles and two lounge passes — and it’s completely free

Rob Burgess, founder of frequent flier blog Head for Points, said there are plenty of travel deals you can score with credit cards if you know how to use them.