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Flight attendants don't always get the credit they deserve.

A flight attendant penned a powerful open letter to a passenger who belittled her, and it shows just how impressive their jobs really are

"I hope you quickly remember who is trained and willing to get you out of a crashed airplane."
Today, there are many options if you're considering flying private.

Flying private can be cheaper than flying commercial. Here’s when.

There are times when flying private can actually be cheaper than flying commercial. Here's what you need to know.

Frequent fliers on some SilkAir routes will soon have to fly Scoot, SIA announces ahead of merger

Scoot over, SilkAir, as Scoot will be acquiring some of your routes.
Cyclists ride their bikes through a durian seller during stage 4 of the 2014 Tour de Singkarak on June 10, 2014 in Padang, Indonesia.

Overwhelmed passengers abandoned an Indonesian flight crammed with 2 tons of a notoriously smelly tropical fruit

Passengers have refused to travel on an Indonesian flight that had been loaded with two tons of the pungent durian tropical fruit.
Sleeping on a plane isn't easy but it is possible.

10 hacks for getting more comfortable on a plane

Here are 10 hacks for getting more comfortable on a plane and ensuring your trip will be as enjoyable and yes, sleep-conducive as possible.

We used Google Flights and Kayak to see which is best for booking travel — here’s the verdict

Kayak and Google Flights offer most of the same features. But there are a few key differences that set them apart, so we compared the two to see which one is easier to use and offers cheaper flights.
Holiday travel often means long lines at the airport.

6 ways to save money on flights this holiday season

Holiday travel can be expensive, whether it be for vacation or to see your family. If you can be flexible with travel dates or airlines, here's how you can make holiday travel as easy (and cheap) as possible.
Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe has a simple trick for reducing her own impact on the warming planet.

The one thing a renowned climate scientist does to reduce her own impact on the environment

Climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe says she's changed the lightbulbs in her house to LEDs and she tries to eat less beef. But there's one much bigger, more surprising action she's taking to better reduce her carbon footprint, and it's completely transformed the way she works.
The flight between Boston and Honolulu will take at least 10 hours.

Photos show what it’s like flying in the luxurious first-class cabin on the record-breaking nonstop flight from Hawaii to Boston

Hawaiian Air is launching a nonstop flight between Boston and Honolulu, making the 5,095-mile journey the longest regularly scheduled domestic route in US history. The flight will take at least 10 hours and up to 11 hours 50 minutes. First class tickets start around $4,300.
DUBAI, UAE - FEB 1: The newer Terminal 3 (Emirates) at Dubai International Airport, one of the busiest airports, on Feb 1, 2014. It is the single largest building in the world by floor space.

These are the 15 coolest things at airports around the world

Airports are more than just a collection of runways and boarding gates. Some are loaded with amenities such as pools, museums, gardens, and ice rinks. At these travel hubs, passengers can see movies, explore jungles, and even check out aquariums.