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AirAsia and Philippine Airlines personal protective equipment-integrated uniforms.

Global airlines are debuting new flight attendant uniforms including personal protective equipment for special repatriation flights

AirAsia and Philippine Airlines worked with designers to create the new, temporary uniforms designed to protect its staff when flying rescue flights.

How to change your AirAsia or Malaysia Airlines flight during the coronavirus outbreak

Here's how to change your flight dates for free if you're affected by the coronavirus outbreak restrictions.

Tony Fernandes has quit Twitter. Here’re his 3 best tweets of 2019

Who can forget that time he spotted a massive bee swarm in KLIA2 - and didn't let Malaysia Airports forget it.
Around 30% of the restaurant's menu is taken from the airline's in-flight offerings.

Photos show what’s on the menu at AirAsia’s new restaurant that serves plane food on the ground

Malaysia-based airline AirAsia opened a restaurant at a mall in Kuala Lumpur, with a variety of dishes from its in-flight offerings on the menu.
An AirAsia Airbus A320-216 lands at Hong Kong International Airport in August 2018.

An airline opened a restaurant selling plane food because it says people love its in-flight meals so much they want to eat them even when they’r...

The restaurant, called Santan, serves Malaysian meals you can get on AirAsia flights as well as dishes from Thailand, Indonesia, and Cambodia.

AirAsia has opened a restaurant serving actual airplane food – charging just RM15 for a meal with drink

Tony Fernandes believes he can one day open his AirAsia restaurant in New York's Times Square.

AirAsia and AirAsia X have been named best low-cost airline in Asia again

AirAsia offers "outstanding value and a great experience", AirlineRatings.com said. 

SIA just lost another ‘world’s best airline’ title – this time to Air New Zealand, with its excellent passenger reviews

While SIA scored highly, the kiwi airline's excellent passenger feedback helped it claim the title of airline of the year. 

AirAsia says queues at ‘flawed’ klia2 can last for more than one hour – and the situation is ‘worsening’

Long queues that span over an hour are now a daily occurrence, AirAsia said.

Tony Fernandes has started succession planning – and is retiring from all board positions, except AirAsia and AirAsia X

He said his board positions would go to “young amazing leaders” and help move “the next generation of AirAsia leaders to the forefront”.