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Malaysia’s AirAsia falls to first quarterly loss since 2015 as fuel costs rise

AirAsia posted a bigger than expected loss of US$97 million for the period.

Malaysia Airports demanded AirAsia take down ‘false’ articles about MAHB from their website – and of course, they said no

A check on AirAsia's site showed articles covering the dispute, with titles such as "MAHB is duplicitous and misleading in its arguments".

After suing AirAsia, Malaysia Airports says Aviation Commission decided on passenger service charge, not them

MAHB said the increased Klia2 passenger service charge affected less than 4.5 million passengers - and most of them were foreign nationals.

AirAsia counter-sues Malaysia Airports for RM400 million

AirAsia also criticised MAHB for being heavy-handed in filing the suit.

Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia are going to promote palm oil on in-flight magazines and airport screens to support the ‘Love MY Palm Oil’ c...

Facts about palm oil nutrition and oil palm planting will be prominently broadcast to travellers via digital info screens in airports, in-flight magazines and entertainment systems.

KLIA2 killed a massive swarm of bees after AirAsia’s Tony Fernandes tweeted a photo, says the insects were just ‘migrating’

The bees would typically disperse once there was rain or heavy wind, MAHB said.

Tony Fernandes says AirAsia will no longer collect KLIA2 fees, and wants compensation for ‘holes’ on runways

The fee is charged by the airport operator for "mandatory" facilities like aerobridges and check-in systems, AirAsia said on its website.

AirAsia refuses to collect extra airport tax from passengers at KLIA2, which has ‘far lower levels of service’

Riad Asmat also said AirAsia had raised issues with "substandard infrastructure and access at klia2 which has negatively impacted our operational performance and punctuality".