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25 brand new routes US airlines are adding in 2020, connecting cities that didn’t have an air link

Airlines in the US are continuing to invest in growing domestic route networks, connecting places like Montana and Oklahoma to coastal cities.
Silver Airways aircraft in Fort Lauderdale.

The history of Silver Airways, Florida’s regional carrier which says it’s in ‘dire need’ of a bailout to survive the coronavir...

Silver connects Florida cities on underserved air routes as well as operates routes to Caribbean islands such as the Bahamas, Cuba, and Puerto Rico.

These 4 stunning charts show just how quickly the coronavirus outbreak decimated key US industries

The virus initially dragged on the world's tourism and travel industries, harming revenue outlooks for hotel, airline, and cruise companies.

Airlines are begging for a bailout, but they’ve used 96% of their cash on buybacks over the past 10 years. Their plight highlights an ongoing co...

Companies of all types have long been accused of using excess capital to enrich shareholders over all else.

United Airlines execs wrote a grim letter to employees warning the coronavirus crisis will devastate summer travel and affect worker paychecks

United Airlines' CEO and president wrote in a letter to employees that they expect demand will decrease into the summer with planes going unfilled.
Fox & Friends hosts discuss the coronavirus.

Fox News hosts urge viewers to fly, claiming the ‘safest time’ to do is during a pandemic, despite health officials’ warnings

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases said he would only get on a plane if it was "absolutely" necessary.
A Delta Air Lines customer service agent.

Here’s why Delta, American, United, and other airlines won’t be quick to offer refunds even though travel from the US to some European cou...

Even as uncertainty looms over European travel, airlines are hesitant to offer refunds to those flying to countries under Trump's travel ban.

Trump suspends travel from Europe — except the UK and Ireland — for 30 days to contain the coronavirus spread

Italy instituted a nationwide lockdown this week, and the German chancellor warned up to 70% of the country's population could contract the virus.
Inside a Flybe cabin, and some of the food that was for sale on a Flybe flight.

What it was like to travel on Flybe, the budget airline used by the royals that just declared bankruptcy

The airline, known for its purple interiors, was recently used by Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Two British Airways executives step down following the airline’s first strike in decades

The departures also arrive as the airline's parent firm, International Consolidated Airlines Group, transitions to a new CEO.