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A Thomas Cook plane.

A Thomas Cook flight attendant says she only learned that the company collapsed and she lost her job on Facebook

Thomas Cook, the travel group and airline, filed for bankruptcy early on Monday morning, leaving 600,000 people stranded around the world.

The UK expects to spend £100 million flying back stranded Thomas Cook passengers, which is only £50 million less than bailing out the compan...

The collapse of Thomas Cook left 600,000 people stranded and prompted the UK to launch a massive effort to get 150,000 British people home.
Carolyn McCall, the outgoing CEO of easyJet.

easyJet’s share price pops 6% despite a 17% dive in profits

The budget airline took a £101 million hit from adverse currency movements but revenue rose 5% as rivals went bust or struggled with operational issues.
A Ryanair plane is seen at Lisbon's airport, Portugal June 24, 2016.

Ryanair’s cancellation crisis will cost it at least €125 million

CEO Michael O'Leary attacked "campaign of misinformation by competitor airline pilot unions" in the budget airline's half-year results.

Here are the 3 most common reasons why your flight is delayed

The most common cause of flight delays probably isn't what you'd expect.

6 pieces of exceptionally good news for the future of the planet

October has actually been an unprecedentedly positive month for climate action.

Here are the 3 most common reasons your flight gets delayed

The most common cause of flight delays probably isn't what you'd expect.

JetBlue is training new pilots — no experience needed

JetBlue is taking applications for another round of its new in-house training program designed to overcome a growing shortage of pilots.

American Airlines CEO: We knocked it out of the park

American Airlines annual profits surged 50% from $4.2 billion in 2014 to $6.3 billion last year.

Here’s when fatal airplane accidents happen

Forty-eight percent of fatal commercial-airliner accidents occurred during the final approach and landing phases of the flight.