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LeBron James’ media company issues warning to Alabama over potential copyright infringement

The Alabama football team has released a trailer for a new talk show with Nick Saban that takes place in a barbershop.
Collin Sexton wins it at the buzzer.

Alabama guard goes coast-to-coast in 4 seconds for incredible game-winner to keep his team in the March Madness hunt

Alabama's Collin Sexton kept the Crimson Tide's March Madness hopes alive with a last-second scoop at the buzzer.

UCF fans fund billboard challenging Alabama to a battle of national champions

After their undefeated season the UCF Knights claimed themselves national champions, and now some fans have challenged Bama to one more game to prove it.

How Tua Tagovailoa went from Hawaiian star to backup quarterback to Alabama’s national championship hero

Tua Tagovailoa was a high school sensation in Hawaii and now appears poised to take over college football after helping Alabama win the championship.

Several controversial calls in national championship game are being blamed for hurting Georgia’s chances of winning

Alabama fought hard to come back and win the national championship, but they might've never had a chance if not for a few questionable calls going their way.

The national championship’s roller-coaster of emotions was caught on the Alabama and Georgia radio broadcasts during the dramatic game-winning p...

Listening to the local radio calls of the final play of the national championship game, fans can hear the jubilation of victory and the agony of defeat.

Trump was booed by fans waiting in the rain as he arrived at the national championship game

Fans waiting in the rain to get into the national championship game had their entrance delayed by Trump's arrival, and booed his motorcade as it drove in.

Alabama player who punched an opponent and tried to fight a coach later made a championship-changing play after he was allowed to stay in

Alabama linebacker Mekhi Brown went after one of his coaches, but was allowed to stay in the game and it was huge.