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Customers leave an Albertsons grocery store in Burbank, California.

Whole Foods packaging contained little-known chemicals linked to cancer until a report called them out. Here’s how to protect yourself.

A report discovered toxic chemicals linked to cancer in paper to-go boxes at Whole Foods.

DNA tests that cost as much as $750 claim to tell you which antidepressant is best for you, but scientists say they’re not worth the money

Some DNA testing kits claim to tell you how well you'll respond to certain antidepressants based on your genes. Last month, Silicon Valley startup Color Genomics added one of the tests to its list of services. But some scientists say the tests aren't worth it yet.

These are the 20 biggest retailers in America

Walmart, Kroger, and Amazon are the three biggest retailers in America based on sales, with Walmart reaching nearly $375 billion in sales last year. See what the other biggest retailers are right now.

Walmart has a big opportunity to help reverse its online sales slump

Walmart reported a slowdown in online sales last quarter, but a Credit Suisse analyst believes that will soon reverse.

The key for retailers to win the war against Amazon is to embrace it

The CEO of an agency that helps retailers leverage brands on Amazon says retailers have yet to fully exploit the opportunity that Amazon offers them.

Rite Aid gains after Albertsons agrees to the buy the drugstore chain

The private-held Albertsons announced that it will acquire Rite Aid in a cash and stock deal.

Albertsons is reportedly considering a takeover of Whole Foods

The private equity backers of grocery chain Albertsons have contacted bankers about buying Whole Foods according to the Financial Times.

2 of the biggest IPOs of the year have flopped — and it has ruined the market for everyone else

Investors are balking at buying shares of companies without a track record in the public markets.

Two of the biggest IPOs of 2015 have flopped

The two biggest IPOs of the year are expected to begin trading tomorrow. Already, they're off to a rough start, according to reports.

Private equity has something to sell you — debt, losses and slow growth

There's a pair of monster IPOs hitting the market this month – payments processor First Data, and supermarket chain Albertsons.