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Kanye West's recent trip to the White House was the topic of SNL's cold open on October 13th.

‘SNL’ spoofs Kanye West’s bizarre Oval Office meeting with Trump

Cast member Chris Redd played a soliloquizing Kanye West, who baffles everyone in the room — including President Donald Trump, played as usual by Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin playing President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."

‘Everywhere I go, black people go crazy’: Alec Baldwin says African-Americans love him for playing Trump on ‘Saturday Night LiveR...

Alec Baldwin said African-Americans like him more since taking on the character of President Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live." But critics say the comment resembles something Trump himself would say.

Alec Baldwin is reportedly playing Batman’s dad in ‘Joker,’ and the character will resemble Donald Trump

Alec Baldwin is reportedly joining the "Joker" cast as Thomas Wayne, who in Batman mythology is his father. The role is reportedly inspired by Donald Trump, who Baldwin plays on "Saturday Night Live."
Cecily Strong plays Hope Hicks on "SNL."

On this week’s ‘SNL,’ Trump fumes as Hope Hicks says goodbye

With host Charles Barkley, "Saturday Night Live" took on the latest White House news, from Hope Hicks' resignation to President Donald Trump's gun control plan.
Trump has a favorite impersonator, and it's not "Alex" Baldwin.

Twitter users are agreeing with Trump that Darrell Hammond’s ‘SNL’ impression was better than Alec Baldwin’s

Many Twitter users are agreeing with President Trump's tweet that Darrell Hammond's "Saturday Night Live" impression of Trump was "funnier" than Alec Baldwin's.
Former first ladies visit Melania Trump before the State of the Union address in "Saturday Night Live" sketch.

Former first ladies try to cheer up Melania Trump about her husband’s alleged affair in biting ‘SNL’ sketch

Former first ladies give advice to a stressed-out Melania Trump in this week's "Saturday Night Live."

Alec Baldwin defended Woody Allen by comparing Dylan Farrow to a character in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ who lies about being raped

In a series of tweets, Baldwin compared Woody Allen's daughter and accuser Dylan Farrow to Mayella Ewell in 'To Kill a Mockingbird.'

Alec Baldwin criticizes actors denouncing Woody Allen: ‘It’s unfair and sad’

Alec Baldwin criticized the growing list of actors who have disavowed Woody Allen in a series of tweets on Tuesday.
Alec Baldwin portrays President Donald Trump on "SNL" October 14, 2017.

‘SNL’ finally takes on the Harvey Weinstein scandal

"Saturday Night Live's" cold open featured President Donald Trump telling Vice President Mike Pence to bail from a Pacers game, a Starbucks, and a gay wedding.