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Amazon has 10,000 employees dedicated to Alexa — here are some of the areas they’re working on

Yes, there really are 10,000 Amazon employees working on Alexa and the Echo.

Artificial intelligence will be a major theme at the world’s largest tech show next week

Artificial intelligence and robotics have been prominent in pop culture and home devices in 2018, making it a big theme to look out for at CES 2019.

Amazon has finally revealed how many Alexa devices have been sold

After years of dodging the question, Amazon has finally said how many devices have been sold that have its voice assistant, Alexa, built in
Pictured: iRobot Braava jet 240 Robot Mop, $169, available at Amazon

12 smart home gadgets that practically clean the house for you

Cleaning all the rooms and appliances in your home takes time and effort, so why not let a gadget or tool help you out with the work?

These were the 25 most popular Alexa Skills of 2018, according to Amazon

Alexa is capable of more than 70,000 programmable tasks; these were the most popular skills in the U.S.

There’s a hidden perk when you use Amazon’s Alexa to order items

Ordering any physical item with Alexa comes with one big perk: free return shipping.

Amazon’s Alexa suffered outages on Christmas Day as people around the world started using their new Echos

A flood of new smart home devices on Christmas Day led to services outages for Amazon's Alexa app.

Amazon won Christmas again this year

Despite growing security concerns surrounding Alexa, Amazon's smart home technology ruled the 2018 holiday season.
Jeff Bezos, CEO and founder of Amazon

Amazon’s Alexa could be a $19 billion business by 2021, RBC says

Amazon's Alexa could prove to be a $19 billion business by 2021, RBC Capital Markets analyst Mark Mahaney said in a new report.
Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.

Amazon accidentally sent 1,700 Alexa recordings to the wrong person, including audio from in the shower

Amazon accidentally sent 1,700 recordings of someone speaking to Alexa to the wrong person, according to a German magazine.