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President Donald Trump shakes hands with CEO of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft during an event honoring the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots at the White House in Washington, April 19, 2017.

Two billionaires with close ties to Trump are embroiled in salacious scandals this week

Jeffrey Epstein and Robert Kraft, who have close ties to President Donald Trump, are at the center of salacious scandals dominating headlines.
Epstein's home in Palm Beach, Florida is pictured above. The home is where much of the abuse allegedly took place.

Stunning new report details Trump’s labor secretary’s role in plea deal for billionaire sex abuser

A Miami Herald report gives new details of the lengths federal prosecutors went to to help Jeffrey Epstein’s legal team downplay his sex crimes.

MEET THE CABINET: Here are the 24 people Trump has appointed to the top leadership positions

President Donald Trump's Cabinet is in flux again. Meet who he has chosen to counsel him.