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Alibaba’s new Hong Kong store combines the best parts of physical and online shopping — take a closer look

FashionAI, a collaboration between Alibaba and students from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, uses RFID racks and AI mirrors to create a seamless shopping experience, complete with no bags and no worries about bringing the wrong size to the dressing room.

Robots are replacing waiters and delivering fresh seafood right to people’s tables at Alibaba’s high-tech restaurant in Shanghai

Robot.He, the fresh seafood restaurant located in Alibaba's high-tech Hema Supermarket, has a kitchen staff and hosts for a human element, but uses a system of robots, QR codes, and kiosks to serve you a fresh meal straight from the market.
Marina Bay Sands is famous, in part, for its rooftop pool.

Kim Jong Un just visited a swanky Singapore hotel where the CEOs of retail companies like Coca-Cola and Alibaba will flock this week

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un are meeting for the first time this week in Singapore. A major retail conference will be hosted at the same time in a nearby hotel and resort, the Marina Bay Sands. Kim paid a visit to the Marina Bay Sands on Monday.

Alibaba beats and says it expects sales to surge next year

Alibaba beat Wall Street estimates on both the top and bottom lines, earning an adjusted 5.73 yuan per share as revenue spiked 61% versus a year ago to 58.96 billion yuan.

Sexist job ads discriminate against women in China — even specifying applicants’ required height, weight, and facial structure

Many jobs stated "men only" while jobs open to women listed requirements for height, weight, facial appearance, marital status and motherhood.
Starbucks Reserve Roastery Shanghai is so busy it's like going to the hottest bar in town on a Friday night.

The world’s biggest Starbucks is a 30,000 square-foot museum to coffee in China — here’s what it’s like

The world's biggest Starbucks opened in Shanghai, China in December. Outfitted with Alibaba's augmented reality, the Reserve Roastery is a giant coffee museum.