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Alibaba founder Jack Ma secretly reduced his control of business licenses before announcing his retirement

Nearly two months before announcing his retirement, Alibaba founder and executive chairman Jack Ma curtailed his control of the company's Variable-Interest Entities — which holds the key China business licenses.

4 cool inventions Alibaba is working on right now, including room service robots

Some of the company's upcoming inventions include tech that will benefit endangered animals, like lions, rhinos and elephants.

Jack Ma said Trump’s trade war with China will wreck Alibaba’s plans to help create 1 million US jobs

Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma said that the US-China trade war will prevent the Chinese giant from delivering on its promise to create one million new US jobs. The comments come two days after President Donald Trump announced a new wave of tariffs on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods.

Alibaba is reportedly setting up its own company to make a customized artificial-intelligence chip

Alibaba is setting up its own company to make customized artificial intelligence chip for its fast-growing cloud and internet of things (IoT) businesses, Reuters reported.

Alibaba founder Jack Ma says the US-China trade war is ‘going to be a mess’ and could last 20 years

The US and China trade war could last 20 years, Alibaba founder Jack Ma said at an annual investor conference in Hangzhou. Ma made the remark after President Donald Trump ordered the US Trade Representative to impose a fresh round of tariffs against Chinese goods.
Alibaba Group Executive Chairman Jack Ma speaks during the Business Forum at the 11th World Trade Organization's ministerial conference in Buenos Aires

You’ll need a PhD spot in computer or data science to land Alibaba’s new scholarship – but it’s worth it

Jack Ma might be stepping down, but bright students can step up to Alibaba's highly attractive new scholarship for PhD candidates.

Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang is taking over from Jack Ma – here’s what we know

Little is known outside the company about Zhang, a soft-spoken accountant who goes under the epithet “Xiaoyaozi” at work.

Alibaba slides after its chairman announces he’ll step down in a year

Alibaba shares dropped after the company announced that Chairman Jack Ma will step down in a year, with CEO Daniel Zhang succeeding him. Jefferies analysts said the 12-month time frame would enable a smooth transition with lower “key-man risk” following Ma's reduced role.
Jack Ma has hinted that he was ready to leave Alibaba.

Alibaba chairman Jack Ma is getting ready to quit, and says he’s following the Bill Gates playbook

Jack Ma told Bloomberg he is dedicating more time and money to building his philanthropic foundation for education. The move mirrors that of Bill Gates before he left Microsoft. It's not clear exactly when Ma will leave Alibaba.