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Allergan is asking millennials if they’re ‘bo-curious,’ and it’s part of a plan to find a new generation of Botox customers

Allergan is plotting a handful of campaigns targeted at millennials who might be considering getting wrinkle treatments. They're asking youngsters if they're "bo-curious" and instructing them to "Juvederm It," in a bid to make its filler line a household name.

Stanford researchers are figuring out how ketamine fights depression — and why the drug has been called ‘the most important discovery in h...

A new Stanford study is the first to illuminate how ketamine works in the brain to alleviate depression. The research suggests that the drug engages the opioid system — the same one that's activated by opioid painkillers — in addition to affecting the glutamate system.

The FDA just rejected Allergan’s women’s health drug

Allergan said on Tuesday that the Food and Drug Administration would not approve one of its women's health drugs, Esmya.  The agency cited "safety concerns regarding Esmya post-marketing reports outside the United States," Allergan said.
Appaloosa's David Tepper

David Tepper has gone full activist on healthcare giant Allergan

Allergan should not look to pursue an ambitious M&A strategy at this time, the hedge funds said in a letter, and should instead focus on running its core business.
Allergan CEO Brent Saunders

How Allergan went from a tiny but beloved Southern California eye care company to a dealmaking machine to falling out of grace with investors

Investors haven't been happy with Botox-maker Allergan in the past year. Here's how Allergan went from its start as a sleepy but beloved company out of Southern California in the 1950s to a target of investor angst today.

A ‘breakthrough’ depression drug inspired by ketamine is attracting more attention from big pharma

After 35 years of mediocre depression drugs, pharmaceutical companies are jazzed about several new drugs inspired by the club drug ketamine. Allergan, the multinational drugmaker known for Botox, recently dove into research on an injectable depression drug. Now they're going after an oral pill.
Allergan CEO Brent Saunders

Allergan is selling off 2 of its non-core businesses in a bid to appease frustrated investors

Allergan is planning to sell its women's health business and infectious disease business, Allergan CEO Brent Saunders said Wednesday.
A human brain and its millions of small nerves

The FDA just approved a new kind of medication that could change the way we treat a condition that affects 38 million Americans

The drug, Aimovig, is the first of a new class of medications that's going after the huge migraine market. An estimated 38 million Americans have migraines, and a large portion — roughly 15 million— would be eligible for preventive treatment.
Allergan CEO Brent Saunders

Investors are frustrated with Botox-maker Allergan — and its CEO says it’s ‘deep into the process’ of figuring out what to do ...

Allergan said Monday during its first-quarter earnings call that it's "deep into the process" of its strategic review of the company amid its stock price slipping over the past year.
Shire CEO Flemming Ornskov

A bidding war for the maker of Adderall stalled out after just 4 hours

Shire rejected a $60 billion bid from the Japanese drugmaker Takeda, while Allergan briefly considered getting into the fray on Thursday.