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19 of the coolest things your Google Home can do

Whether you have the original Google Home, the tiny Google Home Mini, or the extra-large Google Home Max, the device has several hidden tricks.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

A growing chorus of Wall Street heavyweights is sounding the alarm on regulatory pressures surrounding America’s biggest tech juggernauts

Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are two of the latest big Wall Street firms to express serious concern over mega-cap tech antitrust.

Hundreds of Google employees and shareholders are expected to converge at the shareholder meeting to demand reforms on sex misconduct and diversity po...

The demonstrations at Google's shareholder meeting would follow similar high profile protests at Amazon and Facebook's annual meetings.

Inside the Alphabet empire: Here are the most important people and teams in Google’s vast power structure

With more than 103,000 employees, Alphabet is a sprawling collection of teams that range from online ads to streaming video to self-driving cars.

A top DOJ official just outlined why the agency has everything it needs to go after Big Tech — and Facebook, Google, and Amazon should be nervou...

Makan Delrahim said the current antitrust laws were more than enough to protect competition in the tech industry.
The Department of Justice will be looking at the tech companies for signs of three broad areas of potentially anticompetitive conducts, Assistant Attorney General Makan Delrahim said Tuesday.

Top antitrust enforcer at DOJ reveals 3 ways the agency could make a case against big tech companies like Google and Apple

The Department of Justice is going to be looking closely for signs of collusion, at exclusivity agreements, and at acquisitions, Makan Delrahim said.
Google co-founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page

Larry Page and Sergey Brin spoke at a Google all-hands meeting for the first time in 6 months

The Google cofounders, who regularly answered questions at meetings in the past, had reportedly not shown up to a weekly TGIF meeting in 2019.
Left to right: John Krafcik, Waymo CEO. Astro Teller, Alphabet's Captain of Moonshots. Demis Hassabis, DeepMind CEO.

Meet the 14 top executives who lead Alphabet’s ‘Other Bets,’ helping the company go beyond just Google

In 2015, Google became Alphabet, and changed everything. Now, these execs are breaking into everything from drone delivery to life sciences.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google is buying data-analysis startup Looker for $2.6 billion in cash

Google said Thursday it's acquiring Looker, a data-analysis company based in California, in a $2.6 billion all-cash transaction.
Facebook shares.

Alphabet, Facebook, and Amazon plunge — dragging tech lower amid fresh regulatory concerns

Facebook, Amazon, and Google parent Alphabet — three-fourths of the FANG stock quartet — were among the Nasdaq 100's worst-performing stocks Monday.