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Arlington, Texas.

Amazon has started rejecting cities’ proposals for its 2nd headquarters

Amazon seems to be narrowing the field of finalist cities for its second headquarters, HQ2. Officials in Arlington, Texas, revealed the details of their bid and said Amazon had rejected it.

Amazon’s bitter fight with Seattle over a new tax shows just how important HQ2 will be to the company

Amazon has criticized a new tax approved by Seattle's city council, calling it a "hostile approach" to business. The conflict is growing as Amazon goes full speed ahead with its plans to build its second headquarters.
A rendering of Amazon's new office building in Vancouver, Canada.

Amazon has been blamed for hurting the USPS — and now it’s moving into an old post office

Vancouver's former post office will soon become the home of an Amazon office development, which is expected to bring 3,000 jobs to the city. The announcement comes amid a controversial move by Amazon to halt its Seattle expansion and following Trump's accusations that Amazon has hurt the USPS.

7 horrible things that could happen to cities if they win Amazon’s HQ2 bid

Seattle — the home of Amazon's first headquarters — has seen the price of the tech giant's growth first-hand. These cost include a loss in tax money, rising home prices, increased traffic, and more.

New Jersey just unveiled its secretive bid for Amazon’s second headquarters — and it may reveal what the tech giant is looking for

The Newark bid for Amazon's second headquarters may reveal that civic projects — including a network for driverless cars and educational programs — may be attractive to the tech company.

The cities where homeowners will benefit the most if Amazon’s second headquarters lands there

Amazon's $5 billion second headquarters will likely raise home prices in the chosen city, which could be good news for homeowners.
A rendering of a proposed redevelopment in Crystal City, Northern Virginia.

A major real-estate fund is making a $10 million bet that Amazon will choose the Washington, DC area for its second headquarters

Third Avenue Real Estate Fund is investing in a redevelopment in Northern Virginia outside Washington,DC, where Amazon could plant its second headquarters.
Residents of Indianapolis are among the most eager to pay higher taxes for Amazon.

A shocking number of Americans say they would pay higher taxes to lure Amazon — here are the cities most eager to throw money at the tech giant

The biggest share of Americans willing to pay higher taxes for Amazon's second headquarters live in Indianapolis, followed by Nashville, Miami, and Dallas.
The Boston Public Library.

‘You can’t give away $5 billion’: Boston’s mayor takes jab at cities throwing money at Amazon for HQ2

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh offered a small hint about how he's hoping to bring Amazon to Beantown in a recent interview with Bloomberg Radio.

Amazon’s HQ2 is expected to bring soaring housing prices — here are the cities that could be hit hardest

Housing experts say that the population influx from Amazon's second headquarters will likely increase rent and home prices in the chosen city.