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Boston is one of the 20 remaining contenders for Amazon's HQ2.

Amazon HQ2 candidates are going to great lengths to keep their plans secret

Amazon's HQ2 selection process has been surrounded in secrecy. Even some city officials are complaining that they have been left in the dark about their city's plans for incentives.

Amazon made an important investment in Seattle, and it highlights a key issue for HQ2

Amazon made an investment in Seattle's public-transit network, paving the way for more frequent bus service. Public transit has been a big sticking point in the retail giant's search for a new headquarters.

Amazon quietly signed a $5.5 billion deal to sell its products to American cities — here are some of the biggest spenders

Local governments across the US have partnered with Amazon to buy school supplies, electronics, and more from the site using public funds. A new report reveals the total purchases of 60 agencies, from cities to counties to school districts.
A view of 30 Hudson Yards at Hudson Yards, New York City.

Amazon, JPMorgan, and BlackRock are all snapping up space in the new $25 billion Manhattan neighborhood that’s reshaping the city

Tech and financial firms and settling down in New York City's Hudson Yards, the biggest real estate development in American history. Once a largely vacant industrial district, Manhattan West has transformed into a hotspot for wealthy New Yorkers.

HQ2 is making cities consider projects they’ve been ignoring for years — and it shows the power of Amazon

Amazon is forcing cities to look inward as they vie to be the site of the company's second headquarters — or consider why they lost out on the opportunity.

Amazon just scored a major win in Seattle, and it shows HQ2 is already doing what it was likely designed to do

Some experts say a major goal of Amazon's in planning a second headquarters is to improve the company's relationship with Seattle. By that measure, the benefits of HQ2 are already being reaped, even before the company has said where it's being built.
Venture-capital value (bars) and number of deals (line) in 2016 in various metropolitan areas.

Amazon’s HQ2 competition is pushing ‘loser’ cities to become the next Silicon Valley — but some experts say it’s a dange...

Several cities that didn't make the cut for Amazon's second headquarters are aiming to become the next big tech hub, based on Amazon's criticism in postmortem calls. But some urban-planning experts say that it can be a big gamble to take Amazon's advice.
A row of houses in Washington, DC.

The evidence is piling up that Amazon will choose Washington, DC, for its HQ2

Amazon could choose Washington, DC for its second headquarters. The company has drastically ramped up its lobbying efforts in recent years, and CEO Jeff Bezos already owns a home there.
A new report has exposed private emails between Amazon executive Jay Carney and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

‘Whose your daddy?’: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s private emails with Amazon are exposed in new report

The Amazon executive Jay Carney emailed Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the day Amazon announced its shortlist of 20 candidates for the site of its second headquarters, private emails show. Emanuel ended the exchange with an apparent joke: "Whose (sic) your daddy? Talk soon."
Arlington, Texas.

Amazon has started rejecting cities’ proposals for its 2nd headquarters

Amazon seems to be narrowing the field of finalist cities for its second headquarters, HQ2. Officials in Arlington, Texas, revealed the details of their bid and said Amazon had rejected it.