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An Amazon mailer sent to addresses in Queens.

Amazon mailed NYC residents ads touting the benefits of HQ2 as the battle with the city council heats up

Residents of New York City are reporting that Amazon has sent them a mailer advertising its announced HQ2 project.
Corey Johnson is the speaker of the New York City Council.

‘This isn’t a done deal’: New York City Council speaker Corey Johnson lays out his plan to avoid being ‘played’ by Amazo...

New York City Council speaker Corey Johnson has a plan to stop Amazon's Queens headquarters — or at least make the deal more palatable to its critics.

Amazon’s HQ2 saga was the biggest troll of the year

Amazon implied it was going to revitalize a North American city with its HQ2 project. Instead, it chose the two biggest metro areas on the Eastern Seaboard.
Passengers wait for a train to leave the station in New York City.

New Yorkers are freaking out that Amazon’s HQ2 could cripple the subway system, but the reality is more complicated

Amazon has chosen Long Island City, Queens, as one of two sites for HQ2. It could have major subway implications.
Data shows that Amazon has increased its frequency of account closures this year.

Amazon gained a huge perk from its HQ2 contest that’s worth far more than any tax break

Amazon's contest for the home of its second headquarters has helped the company score valuable data on land use and development across the US.
New York City's rendering of HQ2 in Long Island City.

Amazon asked cities that submitted an HQ2 proposal to provide endless data, including the price of an avocado at Whole Foods and the cost of a Starbuc...

Amazon asked HQ2 candidates about everything from the cost of a Starbucks coffee to education systems and nearby weekend destinations.
Amazon execs faced tough questions from New York City Council members on Wednesday.

A New York City Council member asked Amazon how a reporter saw his wish list, and it reveals a misconception many customers have

A New York City Council member asked Amazon representatives about privacy issues and revealed a misconception many have about Amazon's wish lists.
Protesters were at the hearing, making their opinions on the deal known.

‘Do you realize how out of touch that seems?’: NYC lawmakers rail against Amazon for HQ2 helipad demand in heated hearing

A provision for a helipad to be attached to Amazon's New York City HQ2 project became a focus during a City Council hearing on Wednesday.
Protesters swarmed City Hall during Amazon's first hearing regarding Amazon's HQ2 deal.

‘Amazon has got to go’: Protesters swarmed City Hall as New York’s city council held a contentious hearing about Amazon’s HQ2 ...

New York's city council held its first hearing about Amazon's HQ2 deal on Wednesday morning, and furious New Yorkers swarmed City Hall to protest.
Protesters swarmed the outside of New York City Hall on Wednesday morning.

‘I was not elected to be a cheerleader for Amazon’: New York officials rail against Amazon’s HQ2 deal amid shouts of protesters in a...

New York City Council members railed against Amazon's HQ2 deal during a public hearing on Wednesday morning.