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Dallas, Texas is one of the contenders.

Amazon is reportedly revisiting HQ2 contenders as it prepares to make its decision — here’s who’s left in the running

Amazon has reportedly revisited several of the cities shortlisted for HQ2 in the past few months, including New York City, Newark, and Chicago. 20 cities are still in the running, and Amazon is expected to announce a decision before the end of the year.

There’s more evidence that the race for Amazon’s HQ2 is still wide open

Amazon reportedly visited Miami, Chicago, New York City, Newark, and locations in the Washington, DC, area. With repeat visits to multiple sites on the short list, there's more evidence than ever that the Amazon HQ2 selection is not at all locked up.
The Banana Stand at Amazon's headquarters in Seattle offers bananas to everyone for free.

Amazon’s latest charitable donation could be a message to HQ2 candidate cities

Amazon has announced a grant of $2 million to Seattle's public school system, designed to target and help children with the greatest need. It could be a message that Amazon is willing to give back to its local community, a reassuring sign to cities poised to host HQ2.
Newark is one of 20 cities still in the running for HQ2.

Picking Newark for HQ2 could be the reputation boost Amazon needs, nonprofit says

Amazon is expected to make its HQ2 announcement soon. According to a recent report from JUST Capital, Amazon should make a socially conscious choice for HQ2 if it wants to improve its reputation.

Here’s why accepting billions of dollars in incentives for HQ2 could be dangerous for Amazon

Amihai Glazer, an economics professor at the University of California, Irvine, shares four reasons why Amazon would be wise to not make its decision about the HQ2 location purely on incentives.
Amazon representatives reportedly visited the site for The 78 development by Related Midwest.

Amazon reportedly visited Chicago in August, and it could mean everything we think we know about its HQ2 decision so far is dead wrong

Amazon reportedly made a second visit to Chicago in August in preparation for announcing its decision on where to place its second headquarters, dubbed HQ2. That could mean the decision is far from made.
Nick Hanauer is a Seattle-based venture capitalist who was one of Amazon's earliest investors.

Wealthy investor Nick Hanauer says Amazon’s HQ2 has prompted a contest ‘to find America’s dumbest and most vulnerable mayor’

Seattle-based venture capitalist Nick Hanauer made a fortune as one of Amazon's first investors. Now he thinks the company has gotten too big, and it's not good for society.
Loudon County Courthouse.

Analysts and experts are zeroing in on where they think Amazon’s HQ2 will be

As we get closer to Amazon's announcement of its HQ2 selection, analysts and experts are starting to zero in on the options. Most of the predictions are centered on Northern Virginia.
A row of houses in Washington, DC.

The evidence is piling up that Amazon will choose Washington, DC, for its HQ2

Amazon could choose Washington, DC for its second headquarters. The company has drastically ramped up its lobbying efforts in recent years, and CEO Jeff Bezos already owns a home there.
Washington, DC.

Amazon has joined DC’s chamber of commerce amid massive HQ2 speculation

Amazon is formally joining DC's business community, amping up the discussion about where its second headquarters will be located. Evidence has been mounting that Amazon will select one of the DC area locations that were shortlisted for its second headquarters project, also called HQ2.