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Video appears to show an Amazon delivery worker spitting onto a person’s package after dropping it off as coronavirus panic heightens

As fears of the coronavirus continue, a user shared a video appearing to show an Amazon delivery person spitting on a package.
Yoga at home.

Amazon Prime has dozens of workout videos perfect for sheltering inside. Here’s how to find them.

For people stuck inside, Amazon Prime Video has a surprisingly large catalog of workout videos searchable by type and level.

Amazon Prime deliveries are delayed for as much as a month as the company shifts to focus on coronavirus

As Amazon struggles during the coronavirus pandemic, it's facing a major change to a foundational aspect of Amazon Prime: delivery dates.

Amazon is creating a futuristic fleet of 100,000 electric delivery vans, with Alexa and routing software built-in — see what they’ll look ...

Photos show clay and styrofoam models of the vehicles, which Amazon says will start delivering packages in 2021.

Amazon’s Prime Pantry service is temporarily closed after orders spiked amid the coronavirus outbreak

Amazon is temporarily closing down its Prime Pantry service after orders spiked due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Your Amazon Prime membership could soon be useless — unless you’re buying only Amazon’s newly approved products

Because Amazon won't restock sellers, they may have to ship to customers directly. Those sales have typically not qualified for Prime shipping.
"Parasite" would be the first South Korean film to win any kind of Oscar at all.

The 10 best South Korean movies you can stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime after watching ‘Parasite’

Before "Parasite," Bong Joon-ho encapsulated class divisions in dystopian drama "Snowpiercer" and tackled animal rights in morality fable "Okja."
Amazon boxes.

How to spot fake products on Amazon using a few different methods

To spot fake products on Amazon, you can try a few different tests regarding a product's reviews and photos.
The author's 9-month-old daughter with books from her Prime Book Box.

Amazon’s Prime Book Box is an affordable subscription service that makes it easy to order engaging books for kids

Amazon Prime Book Box for Kids is a subscription service that offers books for babies and kids. We're impressed by its excellent book recommendations.
Depending one when and who is shipping your Amazon order, you can either cancel it or go to your orders page to the change the address of your shipment.

How to check your Amazon credit balance and reload it

You can check your Amazon credit balance quickly and easily using your computer, and reload it by heading to the "Gift cards" section of your account.