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Amazon is looking to open a brick-and-mortar liquor store in San Francisco

The brick-and-mortar store would operate as a liquor store and a location from which Amazon can operate an alcohol delivery service.

I tried Prime Now, the 2-hour delivery service that’s helping Amazon take over the grocery market — and I discovered a hidden flaw

Prime Now promises free two-hour delivery. I tested it to see if it lived up to the hype.
Whole Foods will deliver groceries to Amazon Prime Now shoppers on Thanksgiving Day.

Amazon will offer one-hour delivery of Whole Foods groceries on Thanksgiving Day

Amazon Prime Now will deliver Whole Foods groceries in as little as one hour on Thanksgiving Day, the company said Tuesday.
Amazon's free Whole Foods delivery isn't technically free.

I finally tried Amazon’s free, two-hour Whole Foods delivery, and I was shocked to discover it isn’t free

Amazon's offer of free, two-hour delivery of Whole Foods groceries to Prime members has a hidden cost that jacks up the price of the service.
Amazon Prime Now is convenient in the right situations.

Amazon’s free, 2-hour delivery service may be its secret weapon for grocery domination — here’s what it’s like to use

Amazon Prime Now isn't yet an everyday service for me, but it comes in handy when you can't leave the house for whatever reason.
Whole Foods is cheaper than Kroger for home delivery of groceries.

Whole Foods is now cheaper than Kroger for home-delivered groceries

Whole Foods is 2% to 7% cheaper than Kroger for home-delivered groceries.

Amazon is reportedly making a huge change to its fresh grocery business — and it could be a huge win for customers

Amazon's two grocery delivery services will be consolidated into one by the end of year, according to a new report.

It’s not too late to order a Valentine’s Day gift online — here are your best options

If you waited until the last minute to order a Valentine's Day gift, don't worry — you still have options.
Tomatoes are pictured at a Whole Foods store in San Diego.

Amazon is rolling out 2-hour delivery for Whole Foods — here’s how it works

Amazon's two-hour delivery service is coming to Whole Foods stores — here's how to get it.

Amazon is testing a 2-hour grocery-delivery service from Whole Foods

In four trial cities, Amazon Prime customers can get deliveries from Whole Foods in two hours or less.