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The best women’s hiking pants from The North Face, Prana, and others

Hiking pants should be comfortable in a variety of outdoor settings and repel dirt, sweat, and sun. Here are the best women's hiking pants.

The best jogging strollers

Keeping active as a parent is hard, but jogging strollers let you spend time with your kids while working out. Here are the best jogging strollers.

How to sign up for Amazon Prime for free one-day delivery and other great perks

Here's how to sign up for Amazon Prime and unlock discounted prices and free, faster shipping from the world's largest online retailer.

The best floor cleaners

Cleaning the floors in your apartment or house requires a few different things, none more important than the cleaner itself. Here are our favorites.

Amazon’s waterproof Kindle Paperwhite is on sale for $85 right now — here’s our full review of the excellent ebook reader

We reviewed Amazon's new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite to see if the upgrade is worth it. We break down all the Kindle Paperwhite's specs and features.

The best hand creams for dry, chapped hands

If you work with your hands or you wash them frequently, you're no stranger to dryness. These are the best hand creams to heal dry, chapped hands.

I tried Amazon Prime Wardrobe even though I hate shopping and was blown away by the convenience — and only Prime members have access to it

Amazon Prime Wardrobe comes free with your Amazon Prime membership and lets you try on clothes and shoes before you buy them. Here's how it works.

The best programmable coffee makers

If you want to have coffee waiting for you when you wake up, check out our ranking of the best programmable coffee makers.

The best Nintendo Switch accessories

If you have a Nintendo Switch, you may want to deck it out with a few accessories. Here are the best Nintendo Switch accessorie sfor 2019.

The best vacuum blenders

If you're looking to make the perfect smoothie, you'll need a vacuum blender. We've already found the best vacuum blenders you can buy.