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A woman walks by a Dollar General store in Brooklyn.

America’s dollar stores are now feeding more people than Whole Foods. People are divided on whether that’s a bad thing.

Food-starved communities see dollar stores as a saving grace, but others worry they are pushing neighborhoods into decline.

The 30 rudest cities in America, where manners are basically a foreign concept

INSIDER compiled a list of the cities that are most frequently regarded as the least friendly cities in the US.
Only three states prefer pecan pie over the others.

The most popular pie in every state

Americans love apple pie, but it turns out pecan pie and pumpkin pie have a place in their hearts, too.
If "the cat's out of the bag," you've revealed a secret.

22 phrases Americans say that leave foreigners completely stumped

Whether they're related to food, football, or feline friends, American idioms can be colorful, and confusing to visitors from abroad. These American phrases leave some people completely stumped.
Depending on where you're from, your Thanksgiving dinner could look totally different.

What Thanksgiving dinner looks like in 16 regions across the country

We've rounded up 16 popular Thanksgiving foods that represent unique local styles of "Turkey Day" dinner around the country.
America is a strange, beautiful place.

A photographer spent 7 years exploring the barren expanse of America’s highways and returned with stark photos documenting the difficult realiti...

Photographer Joshua Dudley Greer has spent seven years road-tripping America's Interstate Highway system. He's seen some strange and beautiful sights.
Solo cups are so American.

14 common American things that surprise people from other countries

From bright yellow school buses to grape flavored skittles, things Americans find commonplace don't necessarily exist outside of the US.

Super cheap German grocery chain Aldi is taking America by storm — we visited one to see why people are obsessed

We took a trip to one of New York City's three Aldi locations to see what it's like to shop at the discount grocery chain.
Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin stands next to a flag on the moon on July 20, 1969.

The American flags on the moon are disintegrating

The sun has likely bleached them all white and partially destroyed their fragile fibers.
The Lauder family is worth more than $24 billion.

The 25 richest American families, ranked

The US may not have any rich royals, but it does have rich families with billion-dollar net worths. The richest American families accumulated their fortunes in vastly different ways, from publishing and cosmetics to retailers and hotels. See the top 25 richest families in the US.