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One of the original ‘power posing’ researchers now says its effects aren’t real

Dana Carney, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley, now rejects the finding from six years ago that power posing increases confidence.

A Harvard psychologist reveals the biggest reason people don’t achieve their goals

Having big goals is important, but even more important is realizing that big changes happen incrementally.

The best body language to use in your online-dating profile, according to science

It would seem as though open body language does, in fact, cause people, especially men, to seem more attractive.

Wharton and Harvard psychologists share the public speaking trick that helped them give successful TED Talks

Paying attention to the other speakers keeps you from focusing on yourself and your nerves.

A Harvard psychologist says your success in any situation hinges on 3 things

No. 2: You have to be confident without being arrogant.

A Harvard psychologist says there’s a personality trait that’s just as important as charisma and is easier to develop

Presence is less about how others see you and more about how you see yourself.

A Harvard psychologist says there’s one factor that defines success in a job interview

In an interview with Business Insider at the 92Y in New York City, Amy Cuddy said people often wrote to her about how frustrated they felt after job interviews.