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Amazon reportedly kept a ‘burn book’ of all the mean things politicians said about it during the HQ2 fight with New York City

During the unsuccessful negotiations for a second Amazon headquarters in New York City, things got nasty — and those things went in the "burn book."
Governor Andrew Cuomo, left, was critical of Mayor Bill de Blasio's absence Saturday.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio criticized for his absence during the city’s partial blackout Saturday night: ‘You have to be on site&#...

Governor Andrew Cuomo and other New Yorkers were annoyed de Blasio was campaigning for his long-shot presidential campaign, and not in the city.

Photos and video show the scene where a helicopter crashed into the roof of a building in midtown Manhattan

New York Police Department officials called the incident a "helicopter hard landing" and have reported one person is dead.
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

Democrats took control of New York, and they just made some huge changes that will affect how people live, travel, and pay taxes

The New York state budget includes new real-estate taxes, congestion pricing, cash-bail elimination, a plastic-bag ban, and potential MTA spending.
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

New Yorkers are blaming ‘villain’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez after Amazon abandoned its HQ2 plans

When Amazon announced it was pulling out of New York, it laid the blame squarely with politicians but did not name names.
Billionaire investor Sam Zell

Billionaire investor Sam Zell calls congressman’s argument about Amazon’s New York HQ2 deal a ‘crock of s—‘ in a hot-mic...

Rep. Gregory Meeks said that any deal with Amazon should be "inclusive." Sam Zell apparently did not agree with that argument.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Read the letter New York leaders sent to Jeff Bezos begging Amazon to come back

On Friday, New York leaders signed an open letter to Jeff Bezos in The New York Times begging him to reconsider Amazon's choice to pull its HQ2.

Andrew Cuomo and other Democrats are begging Jeff Bezos to reconsider New York for HQ2 after Amazon abruptly announced plans to ditch the city

Andrew Cuomo is determined to win Jeff Bezos back and bring Amazon HQ2 to New York City.

New York wants drivers to pay for its crumbling subway

New York would become the first major city in the US to pay for infrastructure improvements using congestion charges.
New York Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio slams Amazon and local politicians for ‘pulling out in the dead of night’ from Long Island City HQ2 dea...

The mayor also expressed "a lot of frustration" with local politicians who opposed the deal.