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Bird Box.

Netflix investors are ‘as blind as Bird Box,’ Citron Research says

Netflix's market-capitalization gain over the past 12 days equals 12 DreamWorks Animations, 12 Lionsgates, 10 Rokus, or 5 Hulus, Left said.
Andrew Left, founder of Citron Research

Short-seller Andrew Left’s Citron Research calls Twitter the ‘Harvey Weinstein of social media,’ says it will plunge more than 30%

Twitter will plunge more than 30% because the social-media platform is 'toxic' for women, like Harvey Weinstein, Citron Research said.

The Tesla of China spikes as short seller Andrew Left sees ‘little resistance’ for Nio to surge 60%

Shares of Nio, widely seen as the Tesla of China, soared as much as 12% after short seller Andrew Left said seeing 60% upside for the stock.
Andrew Left, founder of Citron Research

Short-seller Andrew Left is now long Tesla — but he’s making a potentially disastrous mistake

Former Tesla short Andrew Left has reversed on Tesla and is now long. Unfortunately, he's fallen prey to the erroneous thesis that Tesla is destroying its competition. There is no meaningful competition in the electric-vehicle market, which is globally tiny.
Andrew Left

A famous short seller is considering starting a cannabis fund

Citron Research founder Andrew Left said that he’s considering creating a fund dedicated to the the cannabis sector, which would be aimed at taking both long and short positions on Marijuana stocks, BNN Bloomberg reported.

A notorious short seller says huge gains in Canadian cannabis producer Tilray are ‘beyond comprehension’

The Canadian cannabis producer Tilray has surged more than 800% since its initial public offering in July. Citron Research says the gains are "beyond comprehension."

Tesla sinks after a notorious short-seller sues Elon Musk over his alleged attempt to burn investors like him

The founder of Citron Research alleged in a California court filing Thursday that Elon Musk's "funding secured" tweet — which sent the stock up 11% in a matter of hours — was sent simply to burn short sellers, who lost more than $3 billion during the stock's surge.

Snap is rallying for a 5th straight day

Snap was rallying even before Andrew Left made noise -- noise that was good for Snap. It's been thoroughly confirmed that the stock was oversold, and then investors really did respond kindly to the usually provocative Andrew Left, when he perpetuated the belief that there was overselling.

Snap was ‘oversold’ after its disastrous earnings — now it’s up 16% in 4 days

Snap shares have rallied 17% over the past four trading sessions as speculation mounts that the company could be taken over. Last week, short seller Andrew Left suggested it could get taken out within the next year.

‘The stock market has sucked on nitrous oxide’ — Wall Street’s most feared short seller just called out a new company, taking ...

Short seller Andrew Left, founder of Citron Research, published a report on medical technology company Inogen on Thursday, erasing as much as 9% in minutes. It's the latest example of his ability to move markets with his commentary.