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Calvin Johnson still seemed to have plenty of good years left when he retired in 2016.

21 famous athletes who retired earlier than expected

Andrew Luck is far from the first player to call it quits early, as plenty of other pro athletes have decided to retire sooner than expected.
Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck at the 2012 NFL draft.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Andrew Luck’s 2012 NFL draft was filled with big-name QBs and teams hit the jackpot in later rounds

Most of the quarterbacks taken early in the 2012 draft never lived up to the hype, but some teams hit the jackpot in later round.
Andrew Luck shocked the NFL world when he announced his retirement on Saturday, two weeks prior to the start of the 2019-20 season.

The hardships of 11 former NFL players show why Andrew Luck’s early retirement shouldn’t come as a surprise

Andrew Luck's retirement stunned the NFL world and is now facing criticism. These 11 players show why it shouldn't come as a surprise.
Andrew Luck.

Colts let Andrew Luck keep almost $25 million in bonuses, leaving the door open for a potential return to football

Andrew Luck announced his retirement on Saturday, but a move from the Colts has some thinking a return to the NFL is still possible.
Andrew Luck is one of several NFL players to retire early this year.

A Bears player explained why more NFL players will want to retire early — and then Andrew Luck went through with it

Like Andrew Luck, more and more players are listening to their bodies, valuing time with their families, and aspiring to do more than just play football.

Andrew Luck ‘hurt’ by Colts fans booing him after report of his retirement

After the game, Luck made his retirement official during a press conference. He was asked if he heard the boos, and admitted that they did "hurt."
Andrew Luck leaves the field after news of his shocking retirement announcement.

Andrew Luck booed by Colts fans as he walks off field after news of his shocking retirement becomes public

Andrew Luck drew the ire of Indianapolis Colts fans after news of his shocking retirement spread through Lucas Oil Stadium.

OJ Simpson is not happy with Andrew Luck for retiring an hour after he drafted the QB in his fantasy league

Minutes after news of the retirement broke, Simpson posted a video to Twitter scolding Luck for the timing of the announcement.

Andrew Luck is retiring from the NFL at age 29 because he is ‘mentally worn down’

In a shocking move, Adam Shefter is reporting that Andrew Luck will announce his retirement on Sunday.

Andrew Luck’s injury is seemingly changing by the day and growing more worrisome

Andrew Luck could miss Week 1 of the NFL season with an injury that has now been described as a calf, bone, and ankle issue.